Determining the At-Fault Driver in a T-bone Accident

T-bone accident


Facing a T-bone accident can lead to serious injuries and damage depending on how it plays out. However, people involved in a T-bone accident may question who gets labeled as the at-fault driver, so go through the research and focus on understanding who it falls on. Doing so will help you avoid unexpected fees and payments.

Think About Who Ran into Who

Whenever a T-bone accident occurs, one person ran into the other person. The term comes from the fact that the accident mimics a T-bone steak, so one car crashes into the side of the other. Usually, before anything else happens, people first consider who ended up crashing into the other person when deciding who caused the crash.

While it doesn’t provide a perfect answer, it gives both sides a starting point to work from. That way, they can figure out how it happened and identify the potential at-fault driver.

Traffic Laws Matter

However, who hit the other car doesn’t stand as the only way to figure out the at-fault driver. You also need to see who followed the traffic laws to determine who caused the accident.

For example, the person who got hit may have run a red light or ignored a stop sign. If that happened, then the person who broke the traffic law needs to be held accountable for the accident since the other couldn’t have predicted it. Make sure you seek witnesses to verify who broke the traffic laws.

Always Contact Authorities

If someone crashes into your car, make sure you always contact the authorities about the situation. Make sure you see if anyone faced any serious injuries, so you can get an ambulance there to help the person. Otherwise, call a non-emergency number to get them to arrive at your location.

Once the authorities arrive, make sure you offer your side of the story for the officers to write down. From there, you can use the statement if you end up going to court over the crash and face any disagreements.

Seek Legal Help

Depending on how the crash plays out, you may need to get some legal help if you want to determine the at-fault driver. For example, if you end up as the at-fault driver but felt like you did nothing wrong, you should get help from T-bone truck accident lawyers.

Getting legal help can make it easier for you to address any accusations as you take care of the situation. But, make sure you find the best lawyers in the area if you want to make the legal process easier for yourself.

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The at-fault driver in a t-bone accident varies depending on how things play out, so look into the accident circumstances. Doing so and seeking the proper help will allow you to avoid any false accusations or suspicions over the situation. As you go through the process and report everything, you can make sure the person at-fault covers the situation.

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