Dating Apps: 11 UI/UX Design Tips

It is a natural instinct to look for a partner with whom you will share your life. Finding the right partner with whom you can happily share the rest of your life can be a huge problem in this day of limited free time. To solve this problem dating app plays a huge role.

The dating app and became an important tool for millions of people who do not have time to find their partner through traditional means.

You just look at the Tinder statistics (the big daddy of them all!), you will find that it has 10 million daily active users, and it creates 30 billion matches every year.

If you are also interested in creating a dating app, then you must ensure that your app has some unique features to stand out in the saturated dating app market.

There are hundreds of dating apps around the world some of which are designed to serve niche markets like for the farmers, musicians, vegan and so on.

Therefore, if you are trying to create one, then you should be prepared for tough competition.

 How to attract the attention of your target audience through innovative dating app design?

1). Make the app uncluttered:

The first thing you must do when you are trying to develop a dating app is to make it easy to use.

To do that you should ensure that every page of your dating app contains only the important details.

To get some inspiration, you can look at the Tinder features, which is considered the most popular dating app in the market.

You should first make an outline of all the elements that your app should have. Then you should ask yourself whether these elements are important for the whole design or not?

For example, you can try to answer the question whether you need a sidebar on the main page?

If yes, then what kind of important links it should contain that would make browsing your dating app simpler.

When you are trying to answer such questions, you must realise that there are no right and wrong answers.

Different dating apps are designed and targeted differently. You must ensure that your dating app is designed in such a way that your target audience finds it easier to use.

2). Make the design simpler:

To make your dating app attractive, you must design the app with a simple interface.

If you look at some of the popular dating app interfaces, you will find that all of them have a very simple design.

A user should be able to navigate to a different section of your dating app quite easily.

You can use different colours, visual hierarchies as well as typography to ensure the users of your dating app gets the best browsing experience on your app.

3). Use of attractive colours in the design interface:

Colours plays a very important role in improving the attractiveness of your UI/UX.

Choosing the right colour for your app design is a science. It shows how the choice of the right colour can affect the psychology of the user.

The colour in your user interface should be used to not only establish a connection between page elements and draw the attention of the user towards the desired action but also focus on visual hierarchy.

You should ensure that there should be a colour uniformity in your app design which would attract the user to use this app more often.

4). Focus on the content:

We suggest that when you are designing the user interface of your dating app you must use subtlety to attract the attention of the visitor to the desired content.

You can use group schematic elements, uniformity in alignment or even emphasising an element with the help of an attractive background or same typography.

5). Autofill Up:

Generation Z who are the likely users of your dating app has a very short attention span.

To keep them engaged in your dating app you must ensure that their interaction with your app is faster and smoother.

One way to do it is through the pre-fill registration form of the user, wherein you will take all the personal data from his or her social network profile.

This will show how much you respect the time of the user and not irritate him or her by requesting user data repeatedly if he or she has already entered it before.

6). Check for error on the registration form:

You must include a line by line error check feature in your dating app.

This feature should continuously check the information that is filled by the app user in the registration form and if something goes wrong, immediately informs him or her.

This will ensure that the app user can fix the error right away instead of looking throughout the registration form after it is filled.

Therefore, it is important that there should be an error display message instantly after a user of your dating app has inadvertently entered the wrong information.

7). Make the data format interface user-friendly:

You should use a different data format so that the user gets the option of choosing the one they are more comfortable with.

For example, if your app user can enter his/her phone number using brackets, hyphens, or country code.

The input mask in your app should then convert everything into a single format.

8). Mobile version:

This is a no-brainer as more than 80% users of the dating apps use smartphones to connect with other people.

Additionally, Google has also launched a separate mobile index that promotes sites with accelerated mobile pages.

You must test each element of your mobile app page to make sure that it works smoothly. This will help your app to get a top ranking in search engine results as well as meet your requirements.

9). Provide animations:

For improved UI/UX, it is important that the user of your dating app should know at what stage the action is and how much time is left until the task is completed.

To make this happen you can use animation, wherein the UX animations can motivate users to press some pattern, or even raise their mood while the page is loading.

10). Unifying context:

While designing the dating app you must ensure that all the elements of your app should complement and logically relate to one another.

To make your dating app attractive to the target user, there should be a rational choice of background colour, animated logo, font choice on each page and so on.

These features should complement each other and ensure that the user is directed towards a specific task on the mobile app.

11). Page load time:

The page load time is one of the decisive factors which can either make or break a mobile app.

Youngsters who do not have the time to wait for long, love to receive the necessary information at once.

Therefore, you should check the download speed of your site and fix any errors you find.

These are just some of the tips that you can use to make the UI/UX of your dating app attractive and ensure a greater number of users.

Try to create original features and innovative approaches to bring in more users.

If you can make your dating app user’s experience great through visual enhancements and content optimisation, then you will succeed.

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