Find Work Durring COVID – Credit Card Processing Careers

With a lot of the economy shutting down, it can be hard to find a new gig during the current pandemic. There are a few industries that are going just as strong now, though, and some that have even picked up. That’s because an economy never really stops, it just responds to the circumstances of the society in which it operates. During a pandemic, in an information-based society, businesses offering delivery for goods and services tend to flourish. That’s just as true for your local takeout restaurant as it is for a major national retailer’s eCommerce store. As a result, credit card processing careers are still growing, and you could grow into one while setting yourself up to work on your own schedule, or even to build your own business.

Independent Work From Dependable Sources

There are two entry-level credit card processing jobs that you can do from home or your own independent offices, which is why this is a great time to think about joining the industry. The first is an easy job when you’ve got the chops for chatting up prospective customers and creating compelling written communications, and that’s the role of a lead generating referral provider. Most processing companies and equipment providers employ referral generators as independent contractors, taking the leads they generate and passing them on to a sales team. They pay a flat fee whether the lead pans out or not, but because of the risks involved these fees can be limited. Still, major programs can pay out as much as $250 per lead, making it possible to build a generous income with just a few positive responses to your marketing outreach every week.

The second work from home opportunity is both more lucrative and a little more difficult, but it gives you the chance to build your own operation as a POS reseller. Resellers sign people up for service and sell equipment, closing the deal on the leads generated by referral professionals. Often, they also take charge of their own referral generation to increase sales. The income model for this job is commission-based, which means larger service agreements and upcharges will be essential to building a good revenue. The upside is that residuals are paid on long-term service contracts, so you can build long tail income in addition to your immediate sales commission.

Support for Your Sales Efforts

The credit card processing companies hosting programs for resellers provide you with a range of support resources, but they vary from operation to operation, so working with the right partner company is very important. Those resources range from training videos and articles that teach you how to generate and respond to leads all the way to material support like ready-generated lead lists and marketing materials you can use in your own efforts to reach out to potential customers. It’s also worth looking into a processor’s equipment and sales incentives, because the deals they make available to customers are going to be key to your efforts to entice customers to upgrade equipment or switch processing services. That means there’s a real value in working with companies that offer deals like a free Clover Flex with the right new processing agreement.

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