Most often when we see something on the internet, there is a word written called “COPYWRITING” and a question comes naturally to mind as what is copywriting?

Most people think it is intellectual property, like a trademark or it means having the rights over something, e.g., music or book, etc. It is the skill of copywriting which if learned properly can help achieve more leads to the business.

Apart from the skills, there are certain paraphrasing tools with the help of which one can ensure the best possible copywriting. The importance of these tools for generating a maximum lead for the business can never be neglected.

What is Copywriting?

It is the art of using written words to urge someone to take action. It could be “click here to buy this” or take this sort of action.

In old times direct mail in form of a letter was sent to potential customers but now it is being done with the help of the internet. Customers are being urged directly in the modern world.

It is the ability to persuade, influence, and engage. It is not about writing but closing. It has more to do with selling and closing and very little to do with writing.

Copywriters are one of the highest-paid people in the world yet most of us don’t even know that this profession exists.

What is Copywriting

If we look around and start thinking about the things we see, every item that we own, see, or tends to buy is because of the reason that a copywriter came up with the concept, brand and wrote the message for you which in turn persuaded you to buy that particular item. It is a multi-trillion dollars industry.

Everyone goes to school and says they want to be an accountant, engineer, pilot, doctor, and lawyer but no one has ever said that I want to be a copywriter. The reason is that people don’t even know that it exists as a profession.

Importance with Example

Let’s say there is a company online, that sells a particular item on the internet and they have a landing page. (It is a page that makes an offer to sell the product). For example, if they are doing a 100,000 $ a year in revenue and the page is converting at 1 %. It means that for every 100 visitors 1 is the potential buyer.

Now if you make some changes to the page, add some headlines, give some offers, reduce the rates, change the theme, and now the conversion % is 2.

This would simply double the revenue of the company and it has been made possible without spending a single dollar on marketing/advertisement and make changes to the product.

All you have done is to make some changes to the words on the landing page. The power of copywriting can easily be understood by the above-mentioned example.

Why Become a Copywriter?

Most people want to become copywriter after getting the information about this profession because of the following reasons:-

  • Ability to work from home.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Learning while earning.
  • Handsome income package.

It also does not require any particular degree to become a copywriter or to have a lot of capital. You don’t need this all.

You can learn it from the internet as well. Reference material in the form of introductory lessons a viable on YouTube, articles on google and Wikipedia are available online.

Success and failure mainly depend upon the attitude of the individual, if you keep practicing and learning, a day will come when you’d be a mentor for people.


The secret to Generate More Leads for Business

Every businessman wants to expand his business but it is a common problem as to how to generate more leads for the business.

Here we’ll discuss some of the unique and creative copywriting secrets that would help/assist in achieving the required goals:-

·         Know your audience

It is the first step to be followed and worked upon. If you know who the potential buyer is, you can easily find means and ways to convince him into buying the product.

It is of paramount importance to direct your efforts and energies into the right course.

Know details like, what they like, how much money they can spend on a product, their lifestyle, etc.

After working on these lines, you can modify the landing page with the help of your copywriters and improve the conversion rate.

·         Promotional methods

To generate more leads, promotional methods depending upon the targeted audience requirement/necessities be devised.

·         Collecting information

You can collect the information about users by offering discounts, coupons and copywriting the landing page in a format to urge them to share their contact details. It can help in keeping track and making offers.

·         Maintaining the contact

Once the contact information has been collected, it can be used to send updates on products, newsletters, and pamphlets for maintaining contact with the customers.

·         Plagiarism Checker

This tool has made it possible to check the content for plagiarism before uploading it on the landing page. Many tools are available on internet to make sure that the text is not copied from a source.

After identification of plagiarized content, you can edit it as per the requirement and achieve the purpose. Hence, its importance cannot be neglected for establishing a good financial position.

Plagiarism Checker

·         Headlines improvement

It is the first thing on your landing page which drives the attention of the consumer. If not written well, the potential customers cannot be persuaded into reading the whole content.

Therefore, it needs to be designed in a way to urge the consumers. For a beginner copywriter, it is important to read articles and carry his research before actually doing a job.

·         Paraphrasing tool

Several tools are available on the internet which has made a huge contribution when it comes to copywriting.

Even if you are getting the idea from a source, the paraphrasing tool will help you to get it done in a befitting manner.

Paraphrasing tool

You can also check the content for grammar using such like tools. Any grammatical mistake thus identified, can easily be rectified.

  • Role of keywords

Right keywords would play a significant role in improving the headlines. To generate more leads, identify what your user wants and make your keywords accordingly.

For example, most people (if buying a mattress with a low budget) would search for it on google.

Role of keywords

It is the job of a copywriter to make a keyword more appealing to the consumer like, “Top 10 low budget, and high-quality mattress with an amazing discount offer”.

The use of such keywords in the heading would play an important role in generating more leads to the business.

The above-mentioned tips would help a lot in generating more search traffic. The conversion rate can simply be increased by improving the copywriting using several tools available in the internet. There is no need to spend on marketing and finish the product. By writing some new words and changing the themes and modifying the landing page you can get the job done.

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