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Why it makes sense to convert your HTML website into WordPress?


In the early days of the web, some basic text and static HTML is all it took to build websites. But, in the last two decades, the web has grown like anything. Websites of today have brilliant aesthetics. On top of that, modern websites offer a seamless experience to website developers as well as visitors. And a big credit for this achievement goes to platforms like WordPress.

Do you know that WordPress powers a whopping 38.1% of all the websites on the internet? Many huge and successful brands out there have built their websites on WordPress. Vogue, Sony Music, Star Wars, The New York Times Company, Bata, and there are so many others. If you want a stellar website too, you can consider custom WordPress development services India.

Below are six reasons why it makes sense to convert your HTML website into WordPress.

 1 – Gives you a business-friendly website  

The multilingual feature of WordPress makes it the best choice for any business working globally. If you want to boost your business growth and increase the reach of your company, then WordPress is your best bet. It is available in more than 70 languages. So, you can create a fantastic website in your native language using WordPress.

Since the platform is mobile responsive, it comes as an added advantage. WordPress determines whether a user is accessing your website through a computer or mobile device. And it optimizes the user experience which keeps your customer happy.

 2 – One of the best CMS out there

WordPress provides a dynamic and best-in-class content management system. When it comes to CMS, it has the highest market share of 63.5%. This number alone speaks volume about the effectiveness of a platform. WordPress websites are easy to develop, manage and update as well. You may contact the WordPress CMS development company to get a stunning website for you.

Initially, WordPress got created with a purpose to publish. As time passed, they kept innovating and adding useful features to the open-source platform. Today, WordPress offers you a content management system (CMS) that is unparalleled by any other website builder.

 3 – Best way to personalize and stand out from the crowd 

As per the web design experts across the world, WordPress is a platform that enables you to create unique websites. Such a website helps you stand out from the crowd. It has an excellent framework. And it also offers easy to use options to customize your website. So, whatever industry your business may belong to, you can still get a highly personalized website.

WordPress offers you countless themes and other elements. You can choose them according to the needs of your business. The platform also offers you numerous plug-ins, which gives extra functions to your website. No other platform offers you so many components to building a one-of-a-kind website.

 4 – Provides you with an SEO-friendly website 

Search engine optimization is the need of the hour for any business who wants to thrive in a digital vertical. You may develop an excellent website. But your efforts don’t end there. You need to make any changes to your website so that it becomes visible in the search engine results.

You should be happy to know that WordPress rules Google’s SERP with over 2.28 billion results. It means when you create a website with WordPress, your website is likely to get a boost in its ranking on search result pages. WordPress web development company India can help you create an SEO friendly website that delivers excellent conversions and results.

 5 – Countless of plug-ins 

With WordPress, there is a never-ending list of available plug-ins. You get a wide range of plug-ins you can choose and install on your website. Whatever industry you belong to, WordPress has the right plug-ins for you. It helps you have a feature-rich website that enhances user experience.

When you convert your HTML into WordPress website, you can get a super attractive interface for your website. Plus, there are countless customize themes too. After all, many big brands are running their website on WordPress. So you need not second guess the effectiveness of the platform.

 6 – Affordable approach 

WordPress is a lot more affordable and value-for-money platform as compared to HTML. You get access to an infinite number of plug-ins and themes using WordPress. The embedded feature of the platform makes coding more affordable and easy-to-do.

The best part is that the platform is free to use. And it also doesn’t require you to learn coding or programming language before you build your WordPress website. Of course, if you want to have an excellent website, you must hire a professional developer to code for you. But, building a website with WordPress provides you with great value for money.

 To conclude

Those were the six reasons why it makes sense to convert your HTML site into WordPress. You may be a business owner, blogger, or an influencer. You can leverage WordPress design and development services to get the best website for yourself. This way, you will have an SEO friendly website with a dynamic CMS. It offers a perfect formula to rank high in SERPs.

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