Academic misconduct is a serious charge that a student faces. When a student breaks the code of conduct laid by the educational institution, they are charged with misconduct. These allegations cause a considerable threat to your academic career and job prospects. There are ways you can get free from the allegation. One of the most convenient ways is to contact an academic dismissal lawyer. Often students and parents need clarification about understanding the whole genre of misconduct. This blog aims to answer a few commonly asked questions to help you get a hunch of the whole thing. 

What is treated as academic misconduct?

Academic misconduct is when you break any rule or regulation laid out by your school. The three most common academic misconduct are:

  • Plagiarism is when you intentionally or unintentionally copy content from your classmates, previous work, or any other piece of information used to write the content of your dissertation or thesis. Plagiarism is not always intentional, there are times when the accused might have done it without any ill intention.
  • Vandalizing is when a student destroys the property of the school knowingly, it is called vandalizing or sabotaging.  
  • Title IX is when a student is harassing any other student due to their gender, or sexual orientation, or assaulting someone within the school premises, they will be charged with Title IX. 

What are the consequences a student might face for misconduct?

The penalties or punishment for academic misconduct an institution follows are different. But that doesn’t imply that any institution is tolerant of such behavior of the students. Some common actions that the institutions take against the students are:

  • Expelled from pursuing the degree
  • Suspoendued for a term 
  • Destruction of the data that was found to be plagiarized
  • Legal actions if the misconduct was severe like Title IX. 

What happens if you are accused of misconduct?

Some misconduct gives you the window to explain your side of the story and establish what is the truth like if you are caught for plagiarism or cheating. But if the misconduct is severe, you will be scrutinized severely. In some cases, there is also an intervention from the police. 


The list of questions that are addressed in the blog is the most common query that comes to a student’s mind. While you are entering an institution go through the code of conduct properly and try to abide by all the rules and regulations.