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5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is the oldest and most effective digital marketing technique in the world. With the right approach, it can provide a 4400% ROI.

Email remains a highly efficient channel for customer communication and retention. More than 70% of millennials prefer messages from companies to come via email. This strategy can bring impressive value and help grow and develop any business.

However, many SMBs make common mistakes that hinder their ability to reap email marketing benefits. Let’s look at 5 top errors that could be keeping you from achieving a high ROI.

1.   Not paying sufficient attention to the email list hygiene

No matter how hard you work on your email marketing campaign, it’s only as good as the email address list you create. If your messages go to the wrong or invalid addresses, you can suffer from a poor open rate, or worse, end up blacklisted by the ESP (email service provider).

To avoid email sending problems, you have to take good care of your email list. Such programs as Byteplant’s email validation tool can check you list automatically to discover typos, invalid addresses, and spam traps.

2.   Failing to have a clear call to action

Your email may be catchy and appealing, but it won’t achieve your goals unless you state them clearly. The attention span of an average email reader is short. Don’t try to distribute it over a long chunk of data.

Clearly communicate what you want the recipient to do:

  • Click this link to buy
  • Visit our website to find out more
  • Read more
  • Buy now

Make sure the call to action (CTA) is clearly visible and easy to follow.

3.   Forgetting about personalization

Personalization is the key to grabbing the client’s attention. An average consumer receives dozens of emails per day. To stand out, you need to do some work, studying the clients’ needs and demographics.

“Dear Sir” emails go directly to the trash folder. While “Dear John” messages may appear to have some merit. Invest in research and segment your email list to make your messages as personalized as possible.

4.   Not sounding professional

Being friendly and buddy-like is an excellent way to build a relationship with your clients. However, you need to demonstrate professionalism. Otherwise, it will be hard to establish your company as an industry leader.

Depending on which services you provide, you need to be careful to maintain the delicate balance between expertise and friendliness.

5.   Not caring for mobile users

The number of people who use smartphones to check their emails is growing by the hour. The majority of your target audience is using mobile gadgets to receive email messages. That’s why your emails must be designed to look just as perfect on mobile as they do on the desktop.

It means shortening subject lines, going easy on media, and testing the way a message looks on mobile before sending it.

Final thoughts

Email marketing only works if you use the latest available tactics and show care for your customers. With the right email marketing strategy, you can cut your marketing costs and increase revenue substantially.

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