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College Fashion Trends In 2020

Going to your new college campus can be both an exciting experience and a terrifying milestone. But instead of worrying, take this as an opportunity to gear up with the most fashionable attire. This can surely add to your confidence – and that’s something you’ll need throughout college.

The first day in college is just a prelude to the numerous academic and social events where you can show off your fashion style. College is not like high school where you’re restricted to wearing your school uniform. Here you’re given the leeway to dress up and be fashionable. And thankfully, there are tons of amazing fashion pieces that can truly make you stand out in college.

Dressing for college doesn’t have to be drab nor complicated. You can go with the ever-popular college outfit – the jeans and t-shirt combo – which goes well for your daily grind. But if you dare to be the talk of the campus, there are numerous fabulous (even outlandish) fashion items that you can mix and match. When it comes to college outfits, the simplest rule: Go with fashion items that are comfortable and presentable because you’ll probably wear that all through the day.

Whether you are looking for a college first-day inspiration or a social event or even a dinner date after class, you can never go wrong with these super stylish college fashion trends this 2020.


Khakis are not only gents’ attire; they can also go well with pretty girls. Khaki joggers are perfect for college lass. They’re quite versatile — can be preppy streetwear piece or used as a  formal or business attire.  Wearing khakis is quite simple – just pair it with a girly loose blouse and match on your favorite heel. For sure, you’ll look formal and elegant. So make sure your wardrobe has khakis in it.


Sporty attire will never go wrong in college. Hence, athleisure pieces will be a huge trend for college students this year. Athleisure apparel combines the sporty vibe with leisure, which makes them widely used. College students can find athleisure pieces worthwhile. Considering their hectic schedule and various activities, trendy athleisure pieces such as leggings or fitted spandex pants topped with bomber jackets are most welcome. You can go about whatever activity you have throughout the day. Major sports brands are coming up with their fabulous athleisure pieces that you can pick from.


From funky colored to crops and kooky cuffs, stylish denims are a great addition to your college wardrobe arsenal. Celebrity stylists say that denims expect a revival this 2020. And this fashion piece is just perfect for college students. You can go with the standard denims, the classic straight- and boot-cut jeans, or experiment with some unexpected denim styles. These versatile pieces can go well with shirts, blouses, and jackets. Denims are very comfortable, chic, and fun. They can be your go-to clothes when you just want to be preppy and casual.

Midi Dress

Perfect for the summer season, this super airy and comfortable outfit will surely make you feel cool and look sassy. Selena Gomez shows off how to look chic with a midi dress. This outfit comes in all colors, textures, and designs – you can surely find one that suits your personality. Pair it up with a denim jacket, either as a top layer or just tie it around your waist. Alternatively, letterman jackets are trendy pieces that you can accessorize this dress with.

Sweaters and cardigans

These are not only trendy but also necessary. Sweaters and cardigans will get you ready in time for the cold, rainy weather seasons. For sure, you’ll have some classes and activities that will fall during the frosty time of the year. Cardigan goes well with a pair of jeans while sweaters are excellent with a skinny trouser. Both of these pieces can give you a quick transformation to casual attire. Make sure you have them in your closet.

Pinstriped pants

When in college, you better prepare some business attire. One trendy piece this 2020 is the pinstriped pants. This fashion piece can go a long way in college. From class presentations to on-the-job training and down to your first job interviews, you can definitely use this high-rise trouser. Wear it with a blouse, accessorize with jewelry, and a shoulder bag – and you’re ready with a stylish business look.

When it comes to college fashion, the first thing to remember is to wear appropriate clothes. While you are given the liberty to dress yourself, you still have to follow norms within the community. This prepares you for life after college. That said, make sure you don’t wear a pair of jeans on a special occasion – no matter how trendy or stylish it is!

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