Check Out the Amazing Places Near Bandipur

There are numerous places worth seeing near Bandipur that will prove worth your while and effort, whether its biodiversity, weekend getaways and recreational pursuits or weekend escapes! Take a look at our list of  top places near Bandipur for further insight! Also, you can book rooms at TheSerai Bandipur for comfort. 

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary lies along the northern corner of Kerala border and spans 344 sq. km of area, hosting 45 mammalian species, 203 bird species, 45 reptile species, Elephants, Gaur, Tiger, Panther Sambar Spotted Deer Barking Deer Wild Boar Sloth Bear NilgiriLangur Bonnet Macaque Wild Dog Common Otter Malabar Giant Squirrel are some of the many animals inhabiting Wayanad Forest if you want to visit Bandipur or visit places near Bandipur this would make an excellent option; best time is winter months between December to May when temperatures can become moderate enough.

Mudumalai National Park. (673592, 85 km from Bandipur).

Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary can be found 23 km to the south of Bandipur city in Nilgiri. Mammals to be spotted here include Deer, Gaur, Indian Elephants, Bengal Tigers, Striped Hyenas, Golden Jackals, Bonnet Macaques, Leopard Cats and Jungle Cats; making this park one of the top tourist spots near Bandipur city. Visitors should visit from February until June in order to spot these animals more easily at watering holes or lakes near watering holes/lakes closer by and lakes more readily; therefore providing ideal duration/location/distance from Bandipur: 22 kilometers.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park

Bandipur National Park was recognized by the Indian government in 1974 as a Tiger Reserve, making it one of the premier places to visit near Bandipur forest. Home to an abundance of spices, its second-largest population of tigers in India numbers approximately 120; visitors should come between October-March as Bandipur Tiger Safari remains popularly-visited destination near Bandipur forest.

Location of Hangala Village on National Highway 67 near GundlupetTaluk in Bandipur. Karnataka 571126 for directions. Distance to Bandipur from Hangala: three kilometer


Another one of Bandipur’s popular tourist spots, GopalaswamyBetta is an ever-popular hill. As its surface remains covered with mist throughout the year, HimavadGopalaswamyBetta has come to be known by travelers. Additionally, Bandipur National Park’s highest peak stands out here; visitors frequently enjoy elephant safari rides offered at affordable fees through Forest Department safari services at this hilly landmark. Ideally time to visit GopalaswamyBetta would be after monsoon season ends, or after August.

Location: GundlupeteTaluk of Chamarajanagar District in Karnataka India

Distance to Bandipur from here: 12 Kms

BRT Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the top tourist spots near Bandipur, BRT Wildlife Sanctuary is famed for being home to BiligiriRanganathaSwamy’s Temple. Attractions to this area include both Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats as well as the BR temple – India’s sole standing idol of Lord Ranganatha! BiligiriRangaswamy Temple has long been revered as a site of pilgrimage due to its traditional Dravidian architectural style and has served as an annual focal point since 500 AD. Local communities from nearby celebrate Lord Ranganatha by organizing his festival here every April at this spot, where you can also engage in activities such as safari, trekking, fishing professional angling coracle boat rides bird watching river rafting outdoor camping etc.The ideal time frame for visiting BRT Wildlife Sanctuary would be between October- May.

Location: East of the Western Ghats in Chamarajnagar near Bandipur in India 92 kilometers

Rajiv Gandhi National Park, more commonly referred to as Nagarhole National Park, lies 110km northwest from Bandipur in southern Karnataka. This expansive park contains 47 streams, 41 artificial tanks, 4 lakes, perennial streams and 4 dams that draw tourists all year-long – Kabiniriver in particular is an essential water source for wild elephants, deer and other animal inhabitants that make regular appearances at Rajiv Gandhi National Park and can easily be spotted there! Perfectly suitable for visiting all year long

Location of this Resort: Nagarhole Road in Veeranahosahalli in Karnataka 571105 at approximately 110 Kms away from Bandipur

What makes The  SeraiBandpur Stand Out?

Immersed within Karnataka’s Western Ghats forests lies SeraiBandipur Resort: an eco-friendly haven which promises a distinct combination of luxury and nature. More than simply another place to stay; SeraiBandipur provides an unforgettable experience to revitalize mind, body, and soul alike – come explore together its allure!


Bandipur stands out for its unrivaled setting: it adjoins one of India’s premier tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries: Bandipur National Park. Care was taken when designing SeraiBandipur to blend into its surrounding environment while providing modern comforts that enable guests to connect with nature during their visit while feeling completely at ease during their stay.

Luxury Accommodation 

On arrival, guests are met by spacious yet exquisitely-appointed rooms and villas that boast breathtaking views of either the forest or Nilgiri Hills; making these accommodations the ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts, birdwatchers or anyone seeking peace and serenity.

Experience Wilderness

 One of the resort’s signature offerings is an unrivaled opportunity to connect with wildlife up-close. Experienced naturalists provide morning and evening safaris through national park’s rich biodiversity; guests may spot rare species like tigers, leopards or elephants right where they belong – an unparalleled opportunity that cannot be found elsewhere!


Oma Spa at SeraiBandipur provides guests looking to unwind with traditional Indian wellness techniques rejuvenating treatments inspired by its tranquil ambience and expert staff, leaving guests feeling rejuvenated and restored.

SeraiBandipur provides guests with an unforgettable culinary journey, from fine dining at Wildgrass Restaurant specializing in delectable Indian and Continental fare to outdoor dining under the stars at HimavadGopalaswamyBetta; SeraiBandipur delights taste buds with an abundance of flavors!

An Infinity Pool and Beyond

The infinity pool overlooking lush forest canopy provides the ideal place for relaxation after an action-packed day of exploration or adventuring. In addition, this resort provides various indoor/outdoor activities like guided nature walks, yoga sessions and even an impressive gym facility to make an experience unlike any other visit memorable.

SeraiBandipur Resort takes an eco-friendly approach to tourism. By engaging in responsible practices – like waste management, energy conservation and water recycling – SeraiBandipur sets an exemplary model of how luxury can co-exist with environmental responsibility.


SeraiBandipur’s team stands out as exceptional friendly, attentive and passionate about wildlife preservation; making for an enjoyable visit. Incorporating local expertise as part of its offerings.

SeraiBandipur Resort offers an unforgettable escape from Daily Stress. In an often chaotic world, SeraiBandipur Resort stands as an idyllic sanctuary where time stands still and relaxation reigns supreme. Here, luxury meets nature for an extraordinary escape from daily routine. Make sure to contact the staff of The Serai Bandipur now for added discounts.

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