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Using Chatbots and Knowledge Management to Attract and Qualify Candidates

Chatbots and knowledge management are important elements for the conversational recruiting approach, an extremely effective way to attract and qualify potential hires. Other recruitment people using social media might have utilized chatbots already, but it’s easier said than done.

 Skeptics thought that making use of these chatbots would lose empathy and sincerity in the process. But the truth is, it all comes down to how these bots are used. Human resources, especially those from a growing company, must learn more about conversational recruiting to utilize both chatbots and knowledge management productively and adequately.

 Conversational Recruiting 

Conversational recruiting entails a more in-depth process using a variety of channels to be implemented at a specific recruitment phase or scenario. 

  • Social media attracts candidates with content, and recruiters, later on, will engage with them through the comments and direct messages (DMs). It’s more than just posting about the available positions but engaging with the audience to build a lasting presence in any platform or channel.
  • The use of videos and images help answer more in-depth and even technical questions applicants have in mind. This one-sided exchange channel should sound authentic for it to earn enough engagement and conversions when shared to different social media platforms.
  • SMS and emails can be sent to active applicants seeking for open positions. It’s important to sound real from the headline to the body of the message.
  • Chatbots should serve as guides in social media channels and recruitment pages of your sites, providing automated responses for frequently asked questions and leading applicants towards processes and resources.
  • Online events can bring together a group of qualified candidates from different areas where a host can hold conversations, and identify talents they could endorse for the next round of the screening process.

 Chatbots And Knowledge Management Working Together

 A human doesn’t need to be involved in the whole recruitment process because, at some point, you’d want to have an intensive and personal engagement with the potential hire through a one-on-one job interview. However, the use of chatbots and other technology for automated communications appeared to be more practical.

 Though candidates would instantly or eventually discover that the company is using a bot during a chat, it’s still important to make them sound human. The value of engagement would still be there as the job seeker would know more about the hiring process and available positions. At the same time, the company would receive notifications about the candidate.

 The engagement, however, must be ongoing to save the time of both parties. When a candidate comes back and is welcomed by the chatbot, it’s not good for them to start from scratch. Users always expect for a bot to remember past engagements, so the entire recruitment process should maintain this feature throughout.

 But these conversational recruiting shenanigans won’t succeed without proper knowledge management. It’s all about delivering the correct information to the right potential hire at the right place and at the right time. 

 There are some important things to remember in utilizing chatbots to revolutionize knowledge management and yield the best results possible.

 Build a strong knowledge base to deliver the right information

 Provide info candidates are looking for in a snap of a finger. The goal is to curate high-value content and determine the best job-seekers who need that info. Chatbots will decide on what to feature and what not to, instead of just giving out the full dynamic content, with a huge percentage of it having less meaning to the receiver of the info.

A more comprehensive and well-built knowledge base leads to more accurate instructions and other info coming out of the chatbot. As such, HR managers should not stop testing and curating their robots for more efficient and articulate responses.

 Collect info real-time 

 Systematic knowledge management does not only take as much information but also uses the input to further the recruiting efforts. For example, when a candidate provides info about their availability or preferred location or method for an interview, the chatbot will consider these in future engagements with the same individual.

 Engage with the right candidate at the most favorable time 

 The more you learn about each candidate, the easier you’ll find that perfect match. With strong knowledge management, you’ll figure out their preferred platform for communication and the best time to engage with them.

Good knowledge management is as important as having advanced chatbot technologies

You may be able to acquire all the knowledge you need, but without proper knowledge management, you’ll end up with strewn pieces of data in an uncalculated and extemporary structure. This outcome defeats the purpose of spending funds in advanced robotics when it couldn’t be used as it should be.

 Conversational recruiting must be backed with a strong understanding of every candidate, and this can quickly happen with the strategic use of chatbot technologies and knowledge management.

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