Top CFD Trading Strategies You Need to Know

CFD trading strategies refer to a system that determines the buy and sell time of a product, service, or currency pair. Traders use different types of trading methods, such as technical and fundamental analyses. A perfect Forex trading strategy provides an investor with the best analysis and execution process built upon proper risk management techniques.

Top CFD Trading Strategies

CFD Trading Strategies require the ability to compare multiple prominent factors to construct an effective system. This system will work for CFD traders. Before choosing the most suitable method for himself, he must learn about all the available options the market provides. Besides, he must seek harmony amongst all the methods and his own short and long-term goals.

Below are the top Forex trading strategies that every business person needs to know about.

1. Price Action

This method involves the knowledge of a historical process to develop a technical approach. Price action can be used as a stand-alone or a collaborative method. It never uses the fundamentals. Being a price action trader, you must choose a great broker like Saxo markets. The Aussie traders prefer them as they always provide a high-end trading environment.

The price action process can be deployed over different time scales. Its ability to use several time frames for calculation makes it highly effective for professionals. They can choose from many techniques used to determine the support-resistance points. These points are the optimal entry-exit positions. Few of such techniques are

  • Fibonacci retracement
  • Trend identification
  • Oscillators
  • Using candle wicks
  • Indicators
  • Range Trading

Investors need to recognize different support and resistance positions in this method. People who love to do business in a nonvolatile marketplace mostly like to deal with this strategy. It offers them a considerable number of trading opportunities.

The risk-reward ratio that comes with range trading is also highly optimal to the consumers. But range traders get benefits in another area. Range trading does not cover any specific length, and people can leverage any time frame with this strategy. The only unfortunate aspect of this strategy is that it entails doing mostly technical analysis.

2. Trend Trading

Trend trading is another pivotal type of trading strategy. This method is easily accessible and allures traders from different age and experience groups. It attempts to produce profits by deploying market orienting momentum.

Medium and long-term time frames are usually suitable for trend business. Different oscillators like RSI or CCI target an entry point. An optimal risk-reward ratio recognizes exit points. People can balance their risk-reward rate by employing stop-loss levels.

3. Position Trading

Though technical analysis can be utilized as a focal point, fundamental factors mostly play the primary role in position trading. Position business comes into play in broader market pictures and hence, ignores trivial market fluctuations. It is a rare kind of method that works in every kind of industry.

Structurally, position trades functions over a long-term outlook. Therefore, it is reserved for more patient enthusiasts. Position traders need to understand how economic factors impact the exchange market condition. Trading opportunities rarely come with this strategy.

4. Day Trading

This method is designed for trading financial tools and services within the same day. All positions must be closed before the market is closed. The time frame is highly transient for day trading. The maximum time range is 24 hours.

Traders can earn decent money by day trading. But they must become experienced and familiar with all technical and fundamental aspects of the industry first. This will give them an edge in finding the most productive signals.

5. Scalping

Scalping is one of the most popular and widely used trading methods. It refers to a process that produces small profits on a more frequent basis. Scalping traders open and close multiple deals over the course of a day. The complex algorithm makes it possible to scalp just by entering values for the entry and exit points. Anyone can operate it manually, though.


You have got an outline of the top 5 Forex trading strategies in this article. If you are considering taking on the trading business as your profession, you must have a clear and good understanding of all of them. This is so you can compare them with each other and choose the most suitable strategy for you.

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