Burn Calories While Going for The Moving Process

Nowadays people are always looking out for gyms and other resorts to maintain their health and stay fit.  Not just this, people go for strength training as well to maintain a healthy life. However, when it comes to moving you might get excited about the new place but then the process of shifting may sound scary. You would think about the moving process that is packing and unpacking the things but then that is important for getting into a new place and also for your health. Yes, you read it right, as per the expert at the calories you burn at the gym, can be burned if you opt for the whole moving process on your own.  The packing of things, the opening of boxes, lifting the furniture, climbing the stairs to shift the stuff, actually provides you with a full-body workout.

Calories burnt while packing and unpacking the boxes

As per various researches while packing and unpacking a normal individual would burn around 250 calories while doing one box(estimate).

Number of boxes packed in one hour

You can hire a mover and packer but then if you are doing it yourself you need to understand the whole process. for packing the whole box you would require a minimum of 70 to 80 boxes to pack and move for an area about 1500 square foot home whereas if your house has an area of 2500 square foot then the number of boxes could be around 130-140. For this process, if you hire an experienced packer they would certainly do a maximum of ten boxes in an hour whereas a person who is a beginner can do a maximum of six.

For all the boxes a professional would take around nine to ten hours for 70-80 boxes whereas for 130-140 boxes the time would be 13 hours. However, if you go for this move yourself imagine the level of calories you will burn. It would be a complete and tough workout which you will do. Before you go for this workout, make sure you consult a doctor so that you don’t fall sick later on.

Shifting furniture will burn the calories

Packing and unpacking would burn your calories but if you go for the shifting of furniture then the number of calories you will burn will be quite more.  For a person with an average physique, moving the furniture will burn around 350 calories per hour (estimate). Not just this, it would help in the building of muscles and toning your body. But before you go for this, do consult a doctor.

When you move the furniture it’s not just an exercise for your back but your core, legs and arms everything will be involved. It is a full-body workout as it involves lifting techniques as well.  While you get involved in this process, mentioned below are certain things which you should keep in mind.

Ensure your physical well being first

Moving is a tough job and for that make sure you are in the best possible shape If you are not physically strong you may hurt yourself.

Put a bend at the knees

Carrying the weight of heavy stuff on your leg muscles will safeguard you from a back injury.

Get assistance on stairs

You might be in the best body shape and you have proper strength but to lift furniture don’t do it all by yourself. Ask somebody to help you out so that weight is equally distributed while carrying it. Even go slow on stairs so that you don’t twist your foot while moving.

Keep items close to yourself

When you hold the items close to your body, your upper arm will help you in managing the weight and would protect your forearm and lower back from undue pressure.

Moving the things upstairs

Stairs climbing is the most effective exercise if you want to stay fit. As you go up and down the stairs, you are not just having the maximum cardio benefit but you are involving all the muscles of your body which is a complete workout.  Walking up and down the stairs for ten minutes will burn around 100 calories of an average physique person. You can do this, but consult your doctor before it as safety is the topmost priority.

So doing the whole moving process by yourself is a great task. It would help you shed your calories and make your muscles strong but then at the same time it would be tiring and may disturb your routine too. So in that case, if you feel that you would prefer going to the gym rather than getting involved in the moving process you can simply hiring a moving company who would do all for you in a proper and systematic manner.

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