7 Stages of Building the Ultimate Business Brand

Nothing contributes better to business growth than brand presence. However, unlike a marketing strategy that can be applied overnight, brand identification requires time. Every company that is looking to make steady progress even when times are tough must opt for a cohesive business brand development plan. All your products or packaging boxes should have your logo embossed at StationeryXpress to create a distinct image for your company.

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In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about 7 stages of business brand development, regardless of the niche:

Define Purpose

Every business needs to relate to a goal and purpose to get recognized as a brand. A purpose is all about the promise that the business makes during its inception. However, in this keenly contested market with the highest possible budgetary vigilance to account for, companies must keep the purpose intentional, achievable, and functional, all at the same time.

For instance, brands like IKEA might just sell furniture, but their purpose is defined by a more encompassing quote, i.e., ‘Create a Better Everyday Life.’

Be Consistent

For a business to evolve as a brand, consistency of service and product quality is of paramount importance. Be it the packaging, way of remitting services, or interacting with clients, nothing is random but in sync with the predefined standards.

Tap into the Clients’ Emotions

While a business serves, a brand makes emotional connections with the individuals. This aspect even takes irrational customers into account who need advice from someone relatable to understand the buying preferences. Therefore, instead of thinking about revenue generation, a business must look to cater emotionally to the customers, even if it means an initial drop in sales.

Rely on Flexibility

Although the business brand has a consistent approach towards service and product deliverability, being flexible is necessary to connect better with the clientele. While consistency sets standards, flexibility encourages approachability. Flexibility also involves making strategic brand-centric enhancements or spicing up the standards by offering personalized business stationery on every purchase or store visit.

Involve Employees

A business that works in cohesion with its employees is better equipped when it comes to building a brand identity. Therefore, at this stage, it becomes important to infuse a playful working environment while encouraging employees to be a permanent part of the brand presence. Personalized messenger bags Customized T-shirts, pens, and gifting personal business stationery for daily use, both on and off-premise, are fun and rewarding ways of making lasting impressions.

Value Loyalty more than anything else

A business must always mention, acknowledge, and encourage the most loyal customers. Hubspot dropped 15000 orange balls from the balcony besides flying balloons with ‘Thank You’ written on them, just to felicitate the contribution of the loyal, 15,000 user base. If you are a small business with limited customers, giveaways and complimentary services can also work wonders.

Be Aware of the Competition

Every business that aspires to a brand keeps a keen eye on the competitors. Not just that, it keeps modifying the strategies continually, just to make the offerings more relevant to the current state of industrial evolution.

Brand development is a step-pronged process where businesses need to get the strategy right before progressing. While creating taglines, logos, and websites is highly generic, the stages mentioned above can actually help a business establish itself as a credible and unique brand.

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