7 Best Liquidation Tips for Slow Growing Merchandise for this year

One of the most important things to the success of any organization is maintaining an accurate inventory. This takes regular attention. Everyone knows too much of anything can be bad. However, this might not be the case for your inventory. Even if you have inventory that isn’t moving, there are things you can do to sell it in liquidation auctions. 

Running a liquidation business is a great way to gain more profit while getting rid of excess inventory. You need to make sure you have enough stock to meet your customers’ demands. But you also need to avoid losing any money on unsold items.  

This is why you need to know how to increase the sales of such slow-moving products. It’s known that for the success of wholesale liquidation companies, proper inventory management is necessary. Surplus inventory can also act as a burden on your company in terms of losses and by taking up extra space. We have listed best liquidation stores in virginia & 7 tips to help you out with slow-growing merchandise. 

Sell online:   

Having surplus stock can be a great motivation to start an online storefront for your liquidation store. You can buy liquidation pallets in your area by just searching up the relevant terms. For example, “buy liquidation pallets Virginia” or “liquidation stores near me”. 

There is a chance that the demand for your products may be low near your area. However, this won’t be the case everywhere. An internet business increases your potential customer base and hence your likelihood of selling off that surplus stock.  


A very direct way to get rid of your inventory is to have sales. By marking down the prices of your liquidation pallets, you can increase sales easily. You can offer a discount of 30 to 70% depending on the product. 

Your profits will be lower, but that’s still better than having stock sit around doing nothing. A very popular sales tactic is a seasonal sale. Customers are often on the lookout for cheaper products at the end of every season, which makes them the ideal target audience.  

Thorough research:   

To successfully resell your liquidation pallets, you need to understand the market well. Because liquidation is a very competitive industry, you need to make sure your products are of good quality before reselling them. 

You should buy the best pallets available to you. It’s possible to do so by just researching the pallets available near you. You can just google “buy liquidation pallets Virginia” or any other place you want to research. 

You should also research the liquidation store’s inventory and cross-check it with the items accessible on the market. This will help you know which items have reached market saturation before offering a discount on any item. 


Poor or wrong marketing can be a cause of the low number of sales. Marketing is an important skill for any business, especially a liquidation business. If your marketing efforts are falling flat, it may be time to try something new. 

Remarketing your unsold products will help you target a different audience or just make the product more attractive. 

Bulk and bundle discounts:   

A popular strategy to boost sales is combining your most popular products with your lesser popular items. Bundling products can help you make money off of sales of slow-moving products. 

Customers who are looking for popular products are more likely to buy a bundle deal because they will be saving money. Additionally, you can also sell your unsold liquidation pallets in bulk. Customers may buy more due to bulk discounts, helping you sell off unsold items. 

Repackage as rewards:   

If you offer even the smallest incentives to your customers, you are more likely to make sales. This is because incentives and rewards are very impactful. The shelf life of certain products may be lower than others.

So, if you are trying to get rid of your unsold inventory, you can repackage the products with a shorter shelf life and incentives or rewards with other pallets.   


Sometimes the reason your products may not be selling could be their category or placement. Placement is important in both online and offline liquidation stores. You and increase your unsold product’s exposure.

Increases in exposure and convenience may help you shift old stock. You should also make your site easy to navigate to help improve your customer’s user experience. 


It is inevitable for wholesale liquidation companies to have unsold, slow-moving products. A liquidation auction is a great way to get rid of slow-moving inventory. However, to do so successfully you need to do your research and preparation. It’s important to move your product resale business on the right path. 

You need to come up with a strategy that will successfully sell your stock. The tips mentioned will help you reduce your inventory and increase sales. You can now turn your unsold inventory into a higher profit margin.

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