Different amenities provided by the best hotel in Lucknow

If you are a person that loves to travel to different places then the very first thing that comes to your mind after finalizing the travel destination is where to stay. It is always better to stay in a hotel whenever you are visiting different cities. Different hotels avail different rooms with different facilities. The price of the rooms is according to the facilities that the customer wants. If you are planning to visit the city of Nawabs i.e. Lucknow, then it is highly recommended to stay in the best hotel. Though there are many hotels here the services provided by the Hyatt Regency Lucknow are incredible.

best hotel in Lucknow

This hotel is entertaining its guests by strictly following the guidelines given by the government. At present they are providing a list of facilities that most of the guests want in a hotel. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Dining facilities: This hotel provides its guests with the best dining facilities that include special diet meals and a beautiful dining area. Even the service of a 24 hour Coffee shop is also provided. So if the guest feels like having a cup of coffee with a light meal then he can visit the café shop. Even they have a restaurant there in the hotel that provides their guests with almost all types of north Indian and south Indian food and are specialized in kebabs that is the specialty of Lucknow.
  • Internet facilities: We all might agree with this fact that the internet is playing a very important role in people’s life these days and everyone is very much dependent on that. So to make the stay of their guests more comfortable, they provide their customers with a free Wi-Fi facility. This way they can continue their work that is dependent on internet services.
  • Services: Like almost every other hotel, this hotel also provides some services like childcare facilities and special facilities for guests with disabilities. The facility of pick and drop of the guest from the airport is also available with this hotel. Other common services like postal and medical services are also available in the hotel. Rest almost all kinds of room services and health services like massage and spa are available in the hotel. The guests can enjoy all these services to their full capacity.
  • General facilities: This hotel is equipped with a large conference room that is well air-conditioned. So people with a business background can conduct their meeting over here. Other general facilities like gym, spa, pool, reception, public restroom, seating area, coffee shop, lawns, and safety and security services are provided to the people. The Hotel even is capable of conducting different types of events like marriage, parties, business conferences, etc. The event manager can book the event with the designated authorities and can conduct their event with all high-class preparations.
  • Room facilities: There are different rooms available in the hotel like a king bed, twin pool, king club ACcess, and Regency suite King. All these are available with many common and different facilities. Some of the common facilities include fax service, smoke detector, wake-up call, bellboy service, newspaper, attached bathroom, living room, 24-hour room service, telephone, and tv. And different facilities may include the breakfast and dinner facilities and even the room view will also be considered. The price of the room will depend upon the type of room the guest is taking for their stay.
  • Safety and hygiene facilities: Nowadays the safety concerns are the major concerns for them. So any guest that is coming to their hotel for a stay is provided with gloves and sanitizers. Even at different corners of the hotel, the sanitizers are installed so that everybody can ensure their safety. To this, the hotel staff is providing contactless room service and it is very important to wear a mask all the time whenever you are in the hotel.

All these facilities make it to be one of the best hotels in Lucknow. Apart from the lavish stay in the Hyatt Regency Lucknow, many other places come in the must-visit places. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Bara Imambara: This is one of the historical mosques of Lucknow that was built in 1784 by the renowned Nawab of Awadh Asaf-ud-Duala. This structure has two gateways that can lead the visitors to the central hall.
  • British Residency: This is the complex that was once in the service of the British Resident General. The architecture of the place will mesmerize your eyes so whenever you are in Lucknow then must visit this place.
  • Rumi Darwaza: If you want to witness the Awadh style architecture then this place is the one that will let you know about it.
  • Amrapali Water Park: If you are an adventurous kind of person then this is a place that you must visit. This water park is one of the best water parks in Lucknow that is known for its amazing water slides and rides. You can spend a perfect sunny day here with your family and friends and can make a lot of memories by playing in the water.
  • Indira Gandhi Planetarium: This is a place where you can take your children for educational purposes. If you want to explore more science with your children then this is the best place. This planetarium is designed in the shape of the planet Saturn. Here they provide knowledge about the high-tech system that reveals the knowledge about the universe. It is the place where you will enjoy and learn new things at the same time.

At your stay in the hotel in Lucknow, do visit these places that will make your stay here more memorable. Even the food of the city is finger-licking, so once you come here not only enjoy the amenities of the hotel but do enjoy the different local, historical, and adventurous places. Plan your trip here and book your accommodation with the hotel so that you don’t need to rush anywhere once you are here.

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