Best FPS Games For Android – A Selection For Shooter Lovers

fps games for android

FPS Games for Android: The FPS is the most popular among other games genres. Games like Call of Duty, Battlefield sell millions of copies every year. Do you think the popularity of this genre on smartphones and tablets is great? Absolutely!

The most active and adrenaline-pumping games on any platform are, of course, shooters. Smartphones are no exception. FPS for Android is very popular among gamers and regularly appears on the first lines in terms of the number of downloads.

We cannot ignore this fact, so here are the top FPS games.

#1 – Into The Dead 2

Into The Dead 2 is an interesting mix of shooter and runner, in which you will have to get into the role of a man forced to save his family in a zombie apocalypse. The player’s key task is to run as far as possible, shooting crowds of zombies who really want to eat you. The atmosphere is aided by good graphics, made in somber colors, as well as detailed locations: foggy swamps, cornfields, ruined churches, and many others.

There’s plenty of variety in weapons that can and should be upgraded, perks, four-legged companions, and aerial drops that deliver a lot of value to the player if you’re quick enough. As the story progresses, the number of enemies and overall tension increase. The accompanying decisions will determine which ending you end up with – there are a total of seven in Into The Dead 2.

#2 – Morphite

Morphite is an FPS game that combines several genres at once: shooter, adventure, quest, and even an open world. The gameplay of the game is similar to No Man’s Sky. Here you need to complete different tasks and survive. In front of you is not a piece of some location, but the whole boundless space that you can explore, traveling to different planets.

The graphics of the game is cartoonish, but it looks great because it is made in a unique style. All the planets you will visit are different both by appearance and by creatures. Somewhere harmless bunnies jump, and huge dinosaurs roam on others. Players also note the deep plot of Mirphite.

#3 – The Walking Zombie 2

Is someone bored with zombie shooters? Do not hurry to walk away from the screen. The Walking Zombie 2 is one of the best shooter games.  It is about terrifying virus, extinct humanity, and hordes of the living dead. But this FPS combines the best of the creators of the zombie games. Attractive graphics, tons of weapons and upgrades, special abilities of the protagonist, and various enemies.

But The Walking Zombie 2 is not just a game about endless shooting stupid morons, it is also an interesting, dramatic story. You are the only person with innate immunity to the virus and the last hope for your species. In the course of the adventure, you will have many meetings during which you will have to make fateful decisions, and each such decision will change your karma. Your karma will also affect the outcome of the story.

#4 – Sniper 3D

This is one of the best first-person shooter games. In Sniper 3D you take on the role of a professional assassin who eliminates his targets quietly and stealthily.

Wielding a sniper rifle (there are more than 10 types of them), the player will have to “hunt” for various purposes – rich bad guys, mercenaries, bandits, and others. The game is full of action – in addition to the “sitting” missions, there are boat chases, helicopter chases, and others. The slow-motion system adds to the visuals – with a successful shot, the camera will follow the bullet right up to its hitting the enemy.

#5 – Ace Force

One of the most played fps – Overwatch – has gained immense popularity among both casual and hardcore players. Surprisingly, there are so few copycats on mobile platforms. Ace Force is just one of these. And there’s no shame in imitating, as long as it’s done properly. And with this, Ace Force is completely fine. The characters are stylish, memorable, and the gameplay for each is a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Being one of the best shooter games, the graphics in Ace Force is for everyone’s liking because it’s Asian-inspired. Some people will like it, and some will be scared away. Though the quality of the pictures, various effects, and animation here are really good. If the developers will continue to develop the game, over time this fps game has a chance to gain a foothold among the leaders of the genre.

#6 – Blitz Brigade

Another shooter for our selection from the craftsmen at Gameloft. This FPS has bright cartoonish graphics. The game offers to take part in the funny team and single-player shootout, choosing one of 7 classes (sniper, medic, gunner, scout, and others).

The game pleases with an abundance of modes, a variety of weapons (over 100 species), and the ability to get behind the wheel of military vehicles right in the heat of battle. The opponents will obviously not be happy when a helicopter or a walking robot appears over the horizon.

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