Best Five Bingo Strategies

We all love to play bingo, but very few of us concentrate too hard on finding legitimate ways to maximise the chances of making money when playing it. Naturally, it should be about the fun, but we think most people would agree that it is a lot more fun when you’re actually making some money. 

Of course there is no sure-fire way to win cash from bingo, whether it be online or in the bingo house. If there was, the game just would not exist. However, there are absolutely some tips and strategies that you can try to follow, that have a chance of putting you in the driving seat and potentially being able to meet your fellow players to win the big cash. 

To give you a nudge in the right direction, at least, we’ve put together our best five pieces of advice that we can give you to maximise your Umbingo experience, and with any luck, to win some decent cash along the way. 

1. Learn the rules 

This one might seem really simple, but it is something that can really go a long way. You’d be amazed how many people participate in bingo without knowing exactly what the rules are, and there is no way that you can win the big bucks in bingo without knowing the rules like the back of your hand. 

You might get a real stroke of luck, especially when in online bingo, the game figures out whether you have won or not for you, but in general, learning the rules is the first and most important piece of advice that we can give to bingo players. 

2. Avoid playing at the busiest times 

In bingo, whether it be online or not, the general rule is that the lower the number of people in the room, the more money you can make, as it has to be shared out between less people. Sometimes, the prizes are lower at these times, but you can do the maths. 

3. Buy more tickets 

Having more numbers means more chances to win, of course. So, buying more tickets also means having a higher chance of winning. Yes, this is a bigger up-front investment, but when you weigh up how much money you could win using this tactic, it is often a worthy cost.

4. Choose your jackpot 

In online bingo in particular, there are often going to be a number of different types of jackpot, or no jackpot at all. Have a read about which jackpots mean what, and decide which one is going to suit your playing style the most. 

5. Find a game with a decent RTP 

This one applies to online bingo only, as there is no way to calculate the return to player percentage of a land-based bingo hall. Online, it’s easy to find on a review of the game somewhere, so make sure you find a game that at least has an above-average RTP.

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