13 Best Apps for Making International Calls

A couple of years ago, carrier companies used to charge a hefty sum of money to contact anyone across the border. Fast forward to today, the tech revolution came into the picture and changed the situation worldwide. Now, we can see a lot of apps for Android and Apple users.

In this article, we will discuss 13 of those apps which will make international calls much affordable or even free in some cases so that you can get in touch with your loved ones or clients around the world no matter the place and time.

1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most widely used app when it comes to VoIP. You can use Whatsapp for texting, voice calling, and video calling. It supports call and video conferencing as well. This means that you can get in touch with several people at the same time. 

To communicate through Whatsapp, you have to make sure that both parties must have downloaded the app and have a stable internet connection. What makes Whatsapp more appealing is its cross-platform feature. You can use Whatsapp on your desktop, Whatsapp web, Android, or iPhone. The app does not charge you for anything.

2. Viber

Next on the list is Viber. Viber is also a VoIP app which means you can contact anyone free of charge. If you have a good internet connection, you can talk to anyone without the call being dropped.

After installing Viber, it will scan your contact list and will filter out those who are also using the app. You are then just one tap away to contacting them. Viber is also a cross-platform application, which means you can have Viber installed on Android, iOS, and Windows.

3. Skype

Skype is one of the oldest apps that supports VoIP. If you have to attend several overseas business meetings, then Skype is your true friend. Skype was introduced as a video conferencing software. Later, the developers added the instant messaging feature to the app.

As it supports VoIP, it doesn’t charge you for contacting another person who also has Skype installed, but the most interesting fact is that it allows you to call landline numbers as well at a cheap price. It is also a cross-platform application.

4. FreeCall

FreeCall is not a common VoIP based application. It works on a traditional framework. To make an international call, both parties are required to download the app. However, there is a limitation on how long you can talk with the other person. The upper cap is fixed to 300 minutes per week. FreeCall also asks for the destination before calling.

Although the new generation may find this app quite boring, many clients still prefer it for security and encryption purposes.

5. Libon

Internet connection can sometimes be unreliable. At the same time, there are some places where there is no internet connection at all. So, what can you do to make an international call? In such a situation, Libon can help you out.

Libon does not rely on internet connection. You can make a global call to anyone without using WiFi or data on your phone. Regularly, Libon will provide you with 30 minutes of national and international free calling. If you recommend and share this app with other people, then the app will award you with 30 additional minutes on top of what you have.

6. TextNow

If your requirement is for VoIP apps and you also have to call landline phones frequently, TextNow is the app for you. It’s a paid app. But TextNow uses offers to give credits to the user. The user can convert those credits for free calls.

TextNow is a great end-to-end encrypted and secured option for making international calls at a cheap rate. You should consider these features as well while choosing an app for contacting people worldwide.

7. FaceTime

FaceTime is a very user-friendly encrypted VoIP. The only downside of using FaceTime is that it’s usable for the iOS platform only. So, if you’re using devices that are based on Android or Windows, you’ll have to reconsider. On the other hand, if you have an iOS-based device, it can help you to connect with your loved ones overseas. All you need to do to start a call is just tap on the call button.

8. Google Voice

Google Voice offers a competitive cheap price for international calls. It is loaded with some important features that make it stand out from other VoIP apps such as call forwarding and voicemail. It also provides an interesting feature of customizing voice calls for different callers.

The downside of this app is it’s only available for people living in the US. If you are a resident of the US and want to contact someone within the same, Google Voice is something that you should consider. But, if you have to make calls apart from the US, then you should look at other apps.

9. Rebtel

Rebtel has a group of apps. This means whether you have an iOS or Android-based device, Rebtel has you covered. It is also one of those apps that charge you very low rates for international calling. It uses a feature of “local numbers”. According to this, you have to pay for a call as per your local rates and not as per cross-country rates. But for US users, it’s free to call anyone within the US. Rebtel uses local landline and mobile routing technology, which means that you don’t have to worry about your internet connection.

10. Vonage

Vonage is somewhat similar to Skype. The only difference in feature between them is that Vonage does not support video chat. It also supports low international calling rates. If you are contacting someone through this app and the receiver also has this app installed, none of you will have to pay any charge. It’s completely free.

What distinguishes Vonage from other apps is its HD audio call feature. This allows you to enjoy superb call quality over the phone. Additionally, if you are a Vonage home customer, you can use your home plan on your mobile for making national or international calls. It is available for Android and iOS-based devices.

11. NobelApp

NobelApp supports VoIP. Which means you need a stable internet connection for making international calls. You can also make normal phone calls through the app. It gained its popularity mainly because of its lower calling rates. You can use this as a messaging app also.

NobelApp provides various additional services like international phone cards and remote Top-ups. You can use these Top-ups for recharging your friends or family member’s number. NobelApp supports over 300 mobile networks. You can find this app on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

12. Imo

There can be many instances where you want to contact someone for personal or professional reasons but your location does not have a stable internet connection. Imo is an app that can help you connect with them, even if you work in an area with a very slow internet connection like 2G.

13. Voxofon

Voxofon is another name in the list of free apps for making video calls. Voxofon supports cross-platform functionality. It is available for both Android and iOS users. It can be installed on phones, tablets, and laptops.

The only limitation of using Voxofon is that you can only contact those people who are on Voxofon and Facebook. Since almost everyone is using Facebook nowadays, this limitation won’t bother much.


Stop paying for high carrier charges and instead, switch to one of these reliable apps. Every app that has been mentioned here has some advantages and disadvantages. The choice of selecting the best app that meets your needs and allows you to connect with others globally, hassle-free, is yours.

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