And Baby Makes Taxi For Three!

Are you travelling for the first time ever with a baby? If you’ve been used to the freedom of being able to just pack your bag and go, then you’re in for a rude awakening. Going On holiday with your baby is a completely different kettle of fish. All of a sudden you have an extra piece of luggage that needs feeding, changing and carrying around everywhere that you go.

And Baby Makes Taxi For Three

So here’s our very special checklist for what to remember when travelling with a baby. We hope that it will save you undue stress in the build up to your holiday and allows you to relax and make some wonderful memories when you arrives at your final destination.

Apply for their passport

Yes we know that this may seem like an obvious first step, but you’d be surprised at how often this most essential of steps gets forgotten in the excitement of booking a holiday. Applying for your baby’s first passport should be done several weeks before you leave so that you can guarantee that it arrives in time. If you need it more urgently, then you can pay for a fast track service.

Pack for every eventuality on your journey

As you probably know, travelling is an unpredictable business and you never know when your flights might be delayed or cancelled last minute. We suggest that you at least double up on feed and nappies so that you are covered should this happen. Pack several changes of clothes in case of accidents, and it is wise to also take a spare change of clothes for yourself ig you have the room in case your baby decides to regurgitate their last feed!


The simpler and lighter the pram the better!

Can you open and close your pram one handed? If not, then we suggest you go out and get the easiest, cheapest pram or pushchair you can find, and check before buying that you can open and close it one handed. Because when you’re going in and out of security checks, you’re going to have to do just that while holding your child, and juggling bags.

Book a taxi for your airport transfer

Don’t even contemplate taking the train or driving yourself! Hire a taxi and get the driver to take the strain and stress of getting you to the airport on time. And make sure you book them for the return journey too. The best feeling in the world when you come off a long and tiring journey with a fretful baby is having someone waiting for you who will scoop you up and deposit you back at home.

Keep away from the long haul

Use this holiday as a tester for a longer journey if your itchy feet are causing you issues. A plane journey of between two and four hours should be test enough to know if you could cope with any longer.

The sooner the better

If you’re desperate to get back to your wanderlust ways, the sooner the better. The younger your baby, the easier they are on the plane, as the chances are they will do nothing but sleep. As your baby grows and turns into a toddler, then travelling with them becomes much harder work. We’ve all been on planes when that irritating child keeps running up and down the gangway, or kicking the seat in front of them – well that might just be your child one day!

And finally… relax!

Don’t put any pressure on yourself, relax and you’ll have a fabulous first holiday with your firstborn. There are no right or wrong ways to do anything – just your way. Don’t worry about the tutting of others when your baby cries. Simply relax and carry on being the brilliant parent you are!

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