6 Tips To Design Perfect Exhibition Display Stands

You have to do quality artwork to design and build an outstanding exhibition display stand like banner exhibition stand or pop-up display. The exhibition stands display can help in spreading your message around the trade show visitors.

But, make sure you design exhibition stand in such a way that it can grab the attention of your prospects easily, If you are first-time exhibitors, then you may find it difficult to design an exhibition stand from scratch.

Therefore, here we are going to discuss various points that help in designing breathtaking exhibition stand design. Some of these creative ideas you can apply on photobooths also.

Designing Breathtaking Exhibition Stand Design

1. Minimalist Design

The exhibition stands are used to attract your prospects so that you can convert that prospect into a lead. Your exhibition stand design should be simple but eye-catching. An overcrowded display unit may not appeal trade show attendees to visit your stand.

The exhibition display stands should be well-organized and intriguing at a glimpse. It should be capable enough to trigger curiosity among all trade show visitors and encourage them to visit your booth to know more about your products and service. To make it more intriguing, you should use more graphics rather than text. Your text messages should be short but precise and compelling.

2. Use High-Resolution Pictures

Images in exhibition display play a vital role. One image can convey thousands of words. But, your images must be eye-catching. To make your graphics visually appealing, you should choose good images and display high-resolution images on your booth walls.

Never display a low-resolution image because it looks blurry and unprofessional as well. To get high-resolution images, you should ensure that is a minimum of 25% of the complete size.

You can never get a high-resolution image by copying an image available on different websites. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a professional photographer who can click some good quality pictures for your trade booth. You can use these images to make your booth visually appealing, especially portable exhibition stands.

The original good quality images are not just eye-catching but they are capable to convey the right message to your prospects. Never copy an image because there is a high probability that the same image is used by your competitor on the trade show floor.

Your prospect may find it displeasing and do not take an interest in your products or services. Be unique is the topmost priority while participating in trade shows or exhibitions. So, you have to think creatively so that you can display good images on your booth panels.

3. Answer Queries Of Trade Booth Visitors

If you are a regular exhibitor, then you have probably noticed that various trade booth visitors ask some questions related to your products or services. Time is precious and you should not waste it for answering the same question of all prospects.

You should mention the answer to the same question on your booth display. You can display these answers in bullet points. This way the trade show attendees will have some idea about your product or services before entering your booth. That means you can start a conversation with a specific pitch as per their needs.

4. Create a Memorable Experience

You should incorporate games, quizzes, VR technology, robots, or photo booths to create a memorable experience of trade booth visitors. By creating an unforgettable experience, your potential customers will recall you even after the trade show.

You should mention the contact details of your company at one end of the display so that interested people can contact you again. If they need any product or service that you offer, then the interested customers can contact you whenever they want. This is a perfect way to get more profit and expand the customer base.

 5. Choose Brand Specific Colors

The trade booth colors also help you to attract various potential customers at your booth. This feature is ignored by various exhibitors because they consider it the least important. But, you should never ignore the power of colors in earning a high Return On Investment (ROI).

By choosing brand-specific colors you can gain the trust of potential customers and create long term relationships with them. If you want to choose any other color rather than brand-specific, then you should what kind of response it evokes. The different colors are responsible to trigger the different types of emotions. So, choose the color for your exhibition stands wisely.

6. Follow Brand Guidelines

The sales member should follow the company’s guidelines. You should distribute the printed promotional material to all trade booth visitors. These promotional materials help you in conveying important points related to your products or services. In return, you should note down the contact details so that follow up can be taken in the future.

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