6 Iconic Games Dominating the MPL Platform


Mobile Premier League (MPL), a leading name in the mobile gaming world, is a popular platform where gamers find exceptional mobile games. Whether they want to casually try their hands or want to participate in rewarding competitions, MPL platform is their first choice. Check out the top games that are currently ruling on this platform.

Top MPL games to play

  1. MPL Ludo

MPL has a fun version of the classic Ludo board game. In this game, you can win real money by playing three Ludo games: Ludo Win, Ludo Dice, and Ludo 2 Dice. In Ludo Win, you play with three game pieces and have limited moves and time to get a higher score than your opponent to win. The goal is the same in Ludo Dice and Ludo 2 Dice, but your moves are determined by rolling dice. You can find all three games on the MPL app, which is the best app for earning money by playing Ludo. Here is the set of rules for these three versions.

  • Start a Ludo cash game of your choice: Ludo Dice, Ludo 2 Dice, or Ludo Win.
  • Roll the dice (in Ludo Dice or 2 Dice) or check the reel at the bottom of the page.
  • Use the number you get to move one of your tokens.
  • Each move adds points to your score.
  • Capture your opponent’s tokens to earn extra points.
  • The game concludes when all moves are used up.
  • The player with the higher score at the end wins the game.

You can participate in the big competitions and individual contests. Play with the AI bots and master the skills first. Download Ludo app and create an account first.

  1. Fantasy Cricket

MPL Fantasy Cricket is like a dream come true for cricket fans. It’s a fun game where you can create your dream cricket team using real-life players. Imagine being the captain of your team! Here’s how it works: You start with a budget and use it to pick your favorite cricket players. Each player has a price, and you must choose wisely because you can’t exceed your budget. Once your team is ready, you earn points based on the performance of selected players. It’s not just about watching cricket; it’s about being a part of the action. You can change your team before each match, strategize, and compete with others to see who has the best team. If your players do well, you can win fabulous prizes and even real money! MPL Fantasy Cricket lets you experience the thrill of cricket in a new way, and it’s easy to play on your phone. So, if you’re a cricket fan, try it and show off your cricket knowledge!

  1. MPL Opinio

Do you want to use your cricket knowledge in more ways? Well, MPL has got you covered. Try your hands on MPL Opinio. It is a unique mobile game where you predict the outcome of an event or match and win cash prizes. In this game, event cards are generated based on the upcoming and ongoing cricket matches held regionally or internationally. Give your opinion to answer the questions on those event cards before they expire. It is pretty simple. You can also use your knowledge and analytical skills to predict the outcomes in other domains, such as entertainment, cryptocurrency, etc. The poll-based questions will also test your analytical skills and provide a brilliant passive income source. All you have to do is to develop your knowledge in a particular domain. If you like cricket, study the players’ performance and understand their forms to answer relevant questions and win.

  1. Call Break

Call Break is known as Lakdi or Ghochi in India, Pakistan and Nepal. This card game is quite popular in the South-Asian countries. MPL has brought to you the ultimate digital version of Call Break. It’s like a game of spades but with its unique twist. In this game, you try to predict how many card tricks you can win in each round. You get points for making accurate predictions. Your goal is to score as many points as possible to win the game. MPL Call Break is about strategy, predicting your opponents’ moves, and having a great time. Plus, you can play it on your phone whenever you want. If you enjoy card games and a bit of friendly competition, try Call Break and see if you can outsmart your opponents!

  1. Rummy

MPL Rummy is an exciting card game you can enjoy on your phone. In this game, you aim to create sets of cards in sequences or groups. The cards are numbered, and you must put them to win. The more sets you make, the better your chances of winning. You play against real people, so it’s all about strategy and skill. You can also practice to get better before challenging others. MPL Rummy is a great way to spend your free time and improve your card game skills. Plus, you can win fabulous prizes if you’re good at it. So, if you like card games and a good challenge, MPL Rummy is a game you should try out!

  1. Win Patti

MPL Win Patti is a fun and popular card game you can play on this app. It’s all about testing your card-playing skills and luck. In this game, you get a set of cards, and the goal is to create the best combinations. You want to have the cards with the highest values in your hand. The player with the best hand wins. Compete with other players and enjoy the thrill of a card game wherever you are. Plus, you can win prizes and even real money if you’re good at it. MPL Win Patti has different variations to try on. Choose a suitable one and develop your skills to participate in contests.


These are the top mobile games on MPL that are ragingly popular among users. Download this app today. You will get to play all these games under a single roof. Make MPL your ideal time pass. Master the skills and generate another income source by using this app.

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