6 Effortlessly Chic Ways To Wear Your Favorite Sneakers With Style

Be it for working, hanging out with friends, or even traveling, a sneaker is the ultimate key element that can elevate any of your looks on any occasion.

If you usually only wear your sneakers with jeans and a t-shirt for a simple and comfortable look, you should swap them with a more stylish one! Keep on reading below to know how you can upgrade your look while wearing your favorite sneaker.

1. Sweater dress and sneakers, perfect for the cold season

During autumn or the rainy season, wearing clothing that can provide you with enough warmth and comfort is important. In these seasons you don’t have to wear too much to cover your skin, thus a sweater dress is the best clothing that can help to keep your body protected.

Combine your sweater dress with your favorite sneaker and a mini tote bag. For extra comfort, you can top your sweater dress with a jacket, jeans, or a coat. You will look fashionable while still warm and comfy!

2. Shirt dress and sneakers, for a simple yet elegant look

For a simple but elegant look, you should wear a white shirt dress with your sneakers. A shirt dress is usually made of airy fabric, thus it will be very suitable for a summer day out!  White is also one of the best colors that you can rely on to make you look good on any occasion. Even though it may look simple, wearing a white shirt, dress, and sneakers will guarantee to make your appearance look fresh and fashionable.

To elevate your look even more, just add a small belt to accentuate your waist and complete your look with sunglasses and a sling bag. Simple but elegant!

3. Midi dress and sneakers, you will look fresh at all times

If you have a midi dress with floral or unique motifs, it will be great to combine it with your sneaker. One tip that you should remember is to wear white sneakers, if you are planning to wear a full-motif dress. Otherwise, you will look too much, and it won’t look good at all.

4. Ruffled dress and sneakers, best for a formal event

Have a formal event to attend to, but worry about what kind of outfit to wear to match it with your sneakers?

A ruffled dress is definitely the ultimate fashion wear you should try! The ruffled dress has a wrinkly accent on its skirt area, thus you will be able to move freely.  Freedom of movement is the key to comfort when playing dress-up.

Choose a bold-colored ruffled dress that has a lace fabric covering, combine it with your favorite white sneaker, and you are done! You will look ravishing but still prioritize comfort above all.

5. Slip dress and sneakers, for a sexy but cute you

A slip dress with a straight cut will go very well with your classic sneakers. If your slip dress neckline is too low and you don’t feel too comfortable showing it, you can cover the collar by wearing a turtleneck or be creative with a scarf to cover it. It will look simple, and relaxed, but still classy. This fashion style can also be your mainstay because it can help you to look feminine, but not too much due to your sneakers.

6. Blazer and sneakers, suitable for all occasions

The combination of a blazer and sneakers is great for all events. For a simple chic work attire, you can mix your boyfriend jeans with low turtleneck tops, and add a blazer for the outer. But if you want to hang out with friends, you can wear a simple top along with short denim pants or a skirt and match it with your oversize blazer. All selections of style will be a great match with your favorite sneakers and blazer!

Your appearances that previously seemed casual can be more polished with the addition of a blazer. To make it even cooler, you can choose a blazer with a more lively pattern instead of a plain one

Sneaker is the ultimate fashion item that everyone should at least have 1 in their home. The sneaker is useful to support any of your activities and make you comfortable when moving. Now, you also don’t have to worry that your sneaker can only support you in a casual look. With the best guide above, you can definitely style your sneaker with every style you like that will be suitable for all.

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