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5 Ways Translations Can Help Your Business

Communication is everything in the modern world. Customers expect a flawless experience from that first homepage search through to that final checkout as an official first customer. 

Unfortunately, with communication across global regions and cultures comes misunderstandings and oversights. So, how can implementing translation management ensure that your business grows and succeeds without the worry of something being lost in translation?

Here are five ways translations can help your business. 

1. An Emotional Connection Creates Customer Loyalty

Finding a way to nurture and develop your relationship with customers is the first step towards earning their trust and loyalty. How do you begin to cultivate that connection? By speaking to a customer on an emotional level through your communications and content.

The majority of customers are going to visit websites in their native language. By hiring a professional translation company, you can translate your web pages and content. By doing so, you are showing them the ultimate sign of respect. That respect speaks directly to a customer’s emotions, which in turn, breeds loyalty.

2. Easier to Understand Communications

It’s not only a matter of earning the respect and loyalty of your customers. A translated piece of content is a memorable piece of content. Relatability is one of the most important parts of business translation, and doing it effectively eliminates the feeling within a client or customer that they’re an ‘outsider’ when they consume your communications.

If your website isn’t translated into their native language, but a competitor’s webpage is, they’ll inevitable feel more comfortable giving them their business, regardless of whether you’re a better fit for their needs. Customers who find a homepage that speaks directly to them in their language are going to delve deeper into your products and services. 

3. Localized Content Converts

Don’t forget that not all headlines and slogans will translate well into another language. Adapting your communications to blend in better with a specific area or culture means localizing your translations to make sure the people reading understand exactly what you’re trying to say. 

Some due diligence in localizing your content means avoiding issues with cultural insensitivities that you hadn’t previously considered. Keep your translations professional, within regulations, and culturally aware with localization and your business will soar.

4. Translation Keeps You in Control of Your Brand

Without a solid localization and translation in place, tools like Google translate will be used instead, and before you know it your brand is being interpreted in ways you never expected. Digital business has benefitted us all in many ways, but it’s important to keep on top of how the internet presents your product or service.

Being in control of your own narrative and tone of voice is essential to avoid harmful and misleading translations. Nothing hurts a business faster than a misunderstanding in a foreign market. Reputation is everything, and a well-translated business strategy ensures there’s no room for these misunderstandings to grow.

5. Translations Establish Your Business as a Global Brand

A brand that’s localized and well-translated across multiple foreign territories exudes professionalism. If a business claims to be a major player worldwide, but only has its content in English, it won’t be taken seriously as a force to be reckoned with in that region.

Building goodwill across communities and developing trust through well-translated content is a fundamental necessity for the forward-thinking business. Perception is everything, and customers will feel in good hands with a global business that’s considerate to cultural and regional sensitivities.

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