5 Must Travel Trends for 2020

One thing that you just cannot ignore is how you travel. The one thing that is exciting and can go from best to worse in one single ride is the big dirty question nobody wants to acknowledge.


We act like pigeons who always want to duck away in the sand when we see a problem coming our way. And that’s what we do when a travel plan goes wrong. Instead of making excuses for the wrong decisions for once let’s plan a journey that will make everything right.

Sort Out The Convenient Choices

What is the foremost thing you can think of when you decide to travel? The means of traveling is far more important than anything else. Let’s see our options to make travel more happening than ever;

1.     Train Travel is a Luxury

Let’s go back in the day when trains used to be mainstream transportation. Luxury trains were the real THING in the old days and now the trend is setting off again and for good. It does remind you of the golden era of how high-class used to travel in trains with all the available facilities accommodations, a five-course meal, lavish décor and oh the perfect dining area (Murder in Orient Express is a perfect imagination).

You can see the luxury trains moving around mostly in Europe such as the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. You can even experience traveling in North America on a Vancouver to Toronto train trip known as The Canadian.

2.     Luxury Limousines

If you take a wide look around Canada you will see limousines keeping the roads busy. It’s been a while now that limousine service in GTA has taken up for a notch for a great traveling experience. People love the idea of a reasonable limo ride on a vacay or for any better occasion.

Once, limousine rides were famous for the elite and celebrities, the political figure could be counted in the mix too but as of today, it’s taken a turn for a casual trend. Whether you are interested in planning a date night with bae or want to juggle up a group of friends in one vehicle, airport limos are getting the good word around.

3.     Green Travel

A new concept on the horizon is “Environmental Traveling”. Sustainable tourism is the new trend to keep an eye out for. Often groups are sent on volunteer vacations, to take a trip but meanwhile helping their time keeping the environment clean and steady.

It’s quite a humble approach to the tourism industry. From person to person the idea of green travel varies, for some, it’s about keeping the environment clean during the traveling, it’s about using sustainable means of traveling or for some it’s about traveling to natural habitat for vacations. So if you plan to visit a national park or a natural habitat – it’s a part of this new traveling trend.

4.     The Second Best City

Each country has places famous than the others, and then there are those cities that remain quiet under the shadow of the big sisters. Not anymore.

A second city journey is referred to as the practice of skipping the popular places in pursuit of lesser-known destinations. For instance, you might choose to visit Oakville instead of visiting Vancouver in Canada just for the sake of sightseeing the less popular town.

Although Oakville isn’t exactly a small town you get the idea of how a place like Toronto, New York or Beijing could take over the cities like Guelph or San Jose. You can plan the itinerary for any of the cities with equally breathtaking views.

5.     Northern Light Tours

Open the rooftop of the limousine and what do you see? A mystical array of northern lights in northern Canada, capturing the sky under its essence is mesmerizing.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain the experience of a travel trip that brings Goosebumps and makes your hair stand on the back of your neck. Northern lights tours are exactly what I’m talking about. If you ever visit Alaska or even northern Canada or Norway, winter season is the best to experience a night under the starry sky. Towns with best views are expensive a heck but the visit is worth the penny. Outdoor attractions at night are few and far between that can be breathtaking.

Each year a different traveling resolution is set up by millions of people. Whether you want to opt for a luxury limousine or a train travel experience or even a green journey, I leave the choice for you to choose.

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