5 Hacks You Can Do To Enjoy Ultimate Free Entertainment

5 Life Hacks for Entertainment

5 Hacks You Can Do To Enjoy Ultimate Free Entertainment: People love seeking the pleasures of entertainment. Man can go as far as spending fortunes for his satisfaction. It is even in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Whatever reason there is, all that matters now is how we can satiate our hunger for the good stuff.

Entertainment can come in many forms. Moreover, it hugely depends on a person’s interest. What tickles you may be dull for others.

We gathered five hacks for this article to suit various interests, while considering that most of us would prefer to get some free amusement if we could.

Amazon FireStick Hacks

Amazon FireStick is a recent streaming gizmo you can use to turn any tv screen into a portable watching device. Initially, the whole target of Amazon Firestick is for television purposes only. But little that the public knows, the Amazon Firestick is more than just a stream-enabler.

Below are five valuable hacks to make your streaming stick versatile:

  • The use of a VPN will give you unrestricted access to contents by switching IP addresses.
  • Install streaming applications that offer a free and legit way to stream. Here’s a list of apps you can add to your device, thanks to FireStickTricks.
  • Silk Browser helps your streaming stick in browsing the internet. To use it, download and install it within your Firestick.
  • Amazon Fire TV app is available to download on your phone in case you don’t have the remote.
  • The Downloader App allows you to download and install third-party apps that are not available in the Amazon store

Improvise Cooking Instruments and Ingredients

Technology had once again played a more significant role in making the process of cooking easy and efficient. We can see this from the food processor grinder to the stand mixer. For aunts and mothers who are fond of doing all the dirty work in the kitchen, here are some tips for you:

But if you’re left lacking in your device, the incompleteness of the cooking instruments should not bother your cooking experiences. These are some hacks to improvise some of the cooking methods:

  • You can improvise a simple coffee brewing method by simply pouring hot water in the cup where your ground beans are, then using a fine-mesh sieve to strain.
  • Stovetop mac and cheese still tastes good when coupled with proper technique and ingredients despite the lack of oven to crisp its top.
  • If the confectioner’s dish requires powdered sugar, toss some ounces of granulated sugar into the food processor, and grind it.
  • If your recipe requires a machine that you don’t have, sometimes it’s best to do it manually. The process will be arduous, but it’s better than nothing.
  • You can get the same size as a garlic press and a Microplane by adding salt to sliced garlic and startchopping it. The salt softens the garlic, making the mincing process easier.

Organic Techniques in Gardening

It’s fantastic how gardening had come a long way, shifting from simply an earnest hobby to a showcasing activity that satisfies people. But as gardening comes to rising, most are becoming concerned as to how they raise their plants. One of them is a question asked about how organic their methods are.

Make your Gardening fun and organic through these easy tips:

  • If you struggle to handle soil in marcotting, then coconut husks can act as a great substitute. Moisten the shredded husks before wrapping the strands on the exposed stem.
  • Using citrus peel as initial pots for seedlings is an inexpensive, organic, and waste-reducing method of growing a seedling. Dish out the remains inside the peel and replace them with soil where the seed will be growing.
  • Herbs like citronella, marigolds, and lemon balm are powerful mosquito deterrents; you can ward off mosquitoes without doing anything.
  • Plant pruning is one of the easiest ways to make your bushes grow. Planned and precise stemming of plant parts ensures the proper bloom of growth of the plant.
  • Vinegar is an instant weedkiller. Douse it on a weed or an infested area, and these herbaceous pests will wrinkle in a series of days’ worth.

Poor Man’s E-Libraries

Books are things that had been our source of entertainment even with the absence of technology. They also add a purpose by subliminally educating readers through insights imparted upon each page. In today’s setting, however, books are now underappreciated.

The obvious way to get access through free books is by going to any city library. But when you want to own your private space for you to enjoy, a public library won’t be the case; you’ll be looking at e-books as an alternative. Here are websites that provide free access to reading materials:

  • Project Gutenberg is a proud website archive of public e-books and physical books converted into PDFs. It houses around 57,000 books, some of which are classics
  • Google Ebookstore and Amazon Kindle may be websites that put up books for a price, but the two sites still put up a section where books are free.
  • If you opt to read a new story simply, consider Wattpad. Considered as a gateway and steppingstone of writers, they hold one of the largest archives for stories of all caliber.
  • Internet Archive is a one-stop library for all of your needs. They preserve books and e-books alike and other digital forms such as music, videos, games, and programs.
  • To create “one web page per book published,” Open Library flags its collection of almost 3 million books, classics, and contemporary books alike.

The Rise of Mobile Photography

The internet age may not have killed the professional photography industry, but this doesn’t stop the popularity of phone cameras. Below are reasons why mobile photography is now on-trend:

  • Mobile Photography is more of a hobby than a profession. This makes this activity rather fulfilling and enjoyable.
  • Phones are better equipped now with specs that can make par well with technical cameras.
  • Camera Equipment proves to be a hassle to carry while you can quickly bring a phone anywhere and take a picture out of whim.
  • Social Media nowadays anchors to the importance of phones. This incentivizes people to use their phones often.
  • Most phones have AI technology that adjusts photo element settings such as exposures and ISO.

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