5 Expressive Colors of Flowers that Depict Different Emotions

From ancient times, people have been using flowers to express their hearts out. How much ever far we are from our loved ones, they rely only on flowers for speaking our emotions. Flowers have been a medium of expression for all of us from the era of homosapiens to the 21st century. All of us can send flowers to our dear ones through online flower delivery in Mumbai.

But are you thinking of sending flowers for every emotion which you wish to express? Then, you can surely go through the list that has some fun flowers which are for you to surprise your loved ones.

Yellow Flowers

According to the Greek culture, yellow represents disappointment and sadness, whereas in some other countries, yellow stands for joy and vibrancy. You must have seen in movies that people often give yellow flowers to the ill people as a ‘get well soon’ gift. Therefore, whenever you are planning to meet any of your dear ones who have just woken up from illness or are upset, then yellow radiant flowers are best for them. From roses, daisies, lilies, to sunflowers, everything can be on your list.

Orange Flowers

This bright color has been a color of positivity, welcome, joy, and passion. The orange-colored flowers have been a blessing for all the bright color lovers. You can surely gift your loved ones these flowers, which are enthusiastic and active in nature. It can be used to decorate the home to welcome friends, visitors, or relatives as orange flowers reflect excitement. The orange flowers available in the market are begonia, chrysanthemum, Lilium, tulips, gerbera daisy, etc.

Green Flowers

Are you thinking of going green by gifting green bouquets of flowers? If yes, then you can gift your loved ones some of the most attractive green flowers present in the market. You can gift your loved ones some of the most beautiful green colored flowers for wishing them all the best for new beginnings.

The green color represents the fresh beginnings of life, which will surely make you happy and excited. Green is a calming color that relaxes the body and mind. Other than this, the green flowers can be picked to wish success in the life of people. Some of the trendy green flowers which you can give are carnations, green trick dianthus, gladiolus, etc. You can make online flower delivery in Delhi for your dear ones for their new special beginnings.

Pink Flowers

Pink has been one of the most popular and loved colors whenever it comes to floral gifts. This color depicts the happiness, admiration, applauds, and gentility one has for his/her dear one. A pink bouquet is ideal when you are planning to tell someone that you like them. The subtle hue and aroma of flowers will not just please them but also make them feel special. A pink flower bouquet is a gift not only for your crush but also for your mother or teacher. Azalea, Calla Lily, Cherry Blossoms, Dahlia, Hollyhock, etc. are some of the most preferred pink flowers by the Millenials.

Purple Flowers

Royalty speaks purple, and I hope you all must be aware of this. If not, then let me tell you that purple is the color of royalty, dignity, pride, culture, and tradition. Gifting these flowers to your loved ones means you are giving them respect for what they are. You tell them that they are precious to you, and you will never let them happen. The most renowned purple flowers available in the market are pansies, china aster, cosmos, coneflower, waxflower, orchids, etc. If you want to show somehow much you respect them, then you need to give them purple flowers.

Every flower has a favor to do for you because of the emotions and expression they depict. Whenever you order roses online, you plan to express love, and in case of white flowers, you admire the innocence of the receiver. Therefore, we can say that every flower has its meaning and is helpful to you in every way. So, whenever you are planning to gift flowers to your loved ones, you can surely go through this list of flowers for your convenience.

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