3 Ways to Solve Warehouse Staffing Shortage

E-commerce has prevailed for more than a decade but has grown tremendously ever since the inception of the epidemic. And there is no chance of slowing down or looking back. So as a result, the warehouse jobs have experienced massive growth and will continue to do so in the days to come.

As an owner of a large-scale business industry, it is evident that you will require efficient staff for your warehouse. And in times when warehouse staff are in great demand, strategic staffing is very crucial. If you’re struggling to find the potential and efficient staff for managing your warehouse, hire the best warehouse staffing agency.

Warehouse labor challenges have significantly escalated. So we are here today to enlighten you about combating labor challenges and optimizing work operations. Further, we will also discuss how you can better utilize the labor for your warehouse. Skim through!

What Can Cause Warehouse Staffing Shortage?

People frequently change their jobs to acquire better prospects, exposure, and opportunity. Similarly, warehouse workers leave their employment for better opportunities and several other reasons. 

In most cases, employees are lured by promises of better benefits, higher wages, flexible work schedules, etc. But ultimately, these promises end up being a hoax, and disappointed, they provide resignation. 

With the extensive growth of e-commerce, warehouses show a more significant demand for logistic services. And with the lesser workforce, plenty of warehouses face the difficulties of a warehouse staffing shortage.

Know About the 3 Ways to Combat Warehouse Staffing Shortage

With the initiation of COVID-19, e-commerce sales have magnificently boomed in the recent past. So there are more than millions of vacant warehouse jobs because of a lack of employees. 

If you face the same trouble in these difficult times, we suggest you consider specific strategies. We assure you that implementing these strategies will allow you to attract and retain your employees. So in a way, you can keep up the productivity with the ever-increasing market demand. 

Some of the strategies to bridge the warehouse staffing gap are:

Diminishing the Challenges of Retention

You must know that the higher the turnover, the more impactful it will be on your profits. So it is evident that extraordinary expenses will incur on you just by hiring and training a single replacement employee. But if you incorporate operator input in your warehouse, it will help you determine the best set of tools. Thus you can significantly maximize the productivity and retention of labor.

According to a study about employee engagement, it has proved that active employee engagement has helped organizations to perform better. Besides, it also includes opportunities for productivity and better retention. So you can try keeping your employees engaged by assigning them high valued repetitive tasks through digitized technology.

You must know that if you equip ergonomic tools for your employees, they can comfortably improve their working productivity. A tired worker might lose out on more than 5 to 6 hours of productive time. So with difficulty in concentrating and reduced cognitive performance, this investment is worth every penny.

Regulating the Approaches of Recruitment

How about considering inflicting some changes within your recruitment approach for warehouse staff? Maybe you can significantly address the challenges and gaps of warehouse staffing. You can try implementing some of the few recruitment strategies like:

  • Providing shifting jobs, thereby offering more flexible arrangements in working procedures.
  • Associating with local schools for promoting attractively salaried manufacturing careers. So it will be an excellent move for building career awareness amongst teenagers.
  • Leveraging new-age technologies like virtual reality will allow your employees to grow their digital skills significantly.
  • If you think that your warehouse requires mid-level and high-level skills, try recruiting former military personnel.
  • You can think about diversifying workforces, which will allow you to evaluate leadership performance. It can only be determined only if hiring goals meet.

Effectuating New Age Tools and Technology

Besides providing aid to retention and recruitment procedures, automation and technology tend to increase productivity. And you will surely know that productivity is essential during warehouse staffing shortages. Studies say that the newly implemented automation services have high chances of doubling up within two to three years.

Currently, the trends of automation and technology in warehouses have experienced a magnificent rise. Many warehouses use scanning devices to scan record assets and inventories. Some are also implementing sensors within the warehouse infrastructure for automated scanning.

Various first-class technologies are being integrated with warehouse management systems. All of it makes their work more accessible, from voice directing picking and heads-up display devices. If you are looking forward to overcoming the warehouse staff shortage, you can leverage more intelligent automation.

So with collaborative robots by the side of your human associates, they will gracefully take over the manual tasks. And with accurate data analytics, intelligent automation will allow your warehouse to analyze and adjust your regular workflows.

What are the Factors that Are Bringing in Staff Hiring Difficulties

There are plenty of factors that affect the hiring difficulties of the warehouse of the e-commerce industry. Some of them are:

  • Work and Life Balance: Balancing work and life can be pretty tricky for the majority of the employees of the manufacturing industry. So most of them resign and leave their jobs to make their lives better and easier. This case is mainly seen amongst women.
  • Retirement: It is evident that the older generation has provided significant contributions to the manufacturing industry. And since they are retiring, the young age is either uninterested or inefficient.
  • Requirement of Training: There are plenty of warehouse jobs requiring training to acquire a certain extent of experience and skill. Since this procedure will be costly, you must source the employees from any local workforce. 

However, proper training can take several months or even a year. And this will eventually lead to an inadequate or less workforce, thereby creating hiring difficulties.


No matter how difficult you might think it is to cope with the warehouse staffing shortages, you can’t give up. Once you implement the strategies mentioned above, you will see how effective it is for your business.

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