You might be wondering what you have in common with corporate security. Whether it is you as an individual, a family, or a small business, the answer is, a lot. We can start with the obvious, you have valuable information that others want to access for nefarious reasons. For the bad guys, you don’t have to be a big fish to be worth catching. You are a lot bigger than you think. The difference is that corporations know exactly what their secrets are worth. And they will do whatever they can to protect them. You don’t think you have secrets. So you undervalue your personal information. That is what thieves are counting on.

When it comes to security, the biggest difference between you and a large corporation is size. They spend millions to solve a problem that they know they have. You might spend less than a hundred dollars on a problem you are not convinced you have. That makes you an easier target. Another difference is personnel. Corporations have entire departments of well-paid employees to deal with the problem. These people are not just well-paid but highly trained. You’ve got your nephew down the road who gets paid in Cheetos and whose qualifications are that they used to pirate music and movies. Those differences can be overcome, and should be because of the following lessons learned. 

Gun Safety Is Paramount

Corporate security is a lot like law enforcement. In fact, many private security firms are owned by and staffed with former law enforcement officers. Both entities utilize the same kind of gun storage locker because when it comes to gun safety, neither can take any unnecessary chances. They go for the best quality they can find because failure is not an option. 

The same level of security is also accessible to small businesses and individuals. That is important because safety is not dependent on the size of the entity. Whether you have a single weapon or enough to outfit an entire security force, your need for safe storage never changes. The only difference is the amount of storage you need. While you are considering storage, you should also look at what is available for trucks and other types of vehicles. Your guns need to be properly secured while in transport. Think about the various kinds of long boxes that would best suit your needs. When it comes to gun safety, it pays to think like a corporate security firm.

Secure the Outside and Inside of the Premises

Improving commercial building security matters a lot to corporate entities. They tend to keep a lot of valuable equipment on the property. There has been a surprising rise in copper theft over the past several years. You would be amazed at the value of metal that is usually taken for granted. Any metal that is externally exposed in a structure is a target, especially copper. Corporate entities suffer quite a bit of vandalism. And that vandalism is rather expensive. That is why security is not just for the inside, but also for what is outside the building.

The same is true for individuals. Do you have a window unit air conditioner? If so, it is a juicy target for a thief who literally wants to beat the heat. Bicycles and children’s toys are not safe outside unattended. Be sure to install cameras that give you a view of every part of your property. A burglar does not have to make it inside the house to get away with a fortune. Make it obvious that your property is monitored and definitely off-limits. As with corporate buildings, the key is to not be an easy target.

Don’t Forget Network Security

Use a password to protect your home and business network. There is a good reason why corporate networks are heavily secured against outside intrusion. All of those reasons apply to individuals and small businesses. While your network security will be a little different, the underlying ideas are the same. Intruders gaining access to your network is almost as bad as them gaining access to your devices. The least you can do is give your network a strong password to keep it safe from casual snooping. 

 The real takeaway is that size does not matter when it comes to security. Much of what happens in corporate security scales all the way down to the individual including gun safety, building security, and network security.