3 Days in San Francisco

Few cities on the west coast of the United States can compete with San Francisco. San Francisco is an excellent city break destination. With three days in the city, you can go beyond the typical tourist attractions. Apart from the tourist attractions, you can enjoy yourself at a casino. Instead of wasting time going to a land casino, you can play a game on Grand Rush Online Casino and still get the same or a better experience. Other places you can enjoy yourself include the following:

Day 1: Tiled Steps on 16th Avenue

Begin your San Francisco itinerary with something truly unique and creative. Where else have you seen a mosaic stairwell?! If you look closely, you’ll notice that the design begins at the bottom with the sea and progresses to the stars and night sky at the top. The community built these steps, which adds to their uniqueness.

Please make your way to Grand View Park (there are 163 steps, so it’s a bit of an early morning workout!) for stunning views of the Pacific and Golden Gate Park.

And if you’re thirsty and want to swoon over intricate latte art, walk a few blocks over to the HOME cafe. Colorburst birthday cake lattes are excellent and ideal for an early morning caffeine fix.

Day 2: Explore Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is massive, and many people are surprised to learn that it is roughly 20% larger than New York’s world-famous Central Park! Take a walk, look for the bison paddock, and tick off some San Francisco attractions.

Visit the Japanese Tea Gardens for some impeccable architecture, the Cal Academy for some hands-on science stuff, or the Conservatory of Flowers for some, well, flowers! If you’re hungry, stop by the Sam’s Chowder Mobile for a lobster roll and some creamy clam chowder (best on a fantastic San Francisco day).

Because of the park’s size, there is a lot to do here! If you have more than three days in San Francisco, you can easily visit the park and all of its attractions more than once.BUT, if you only have limited time in Golden Gate Park on your San Francisco itinerary, you’ll want to pick and choose your favorites from the list below. You can do it all, but keep in mind that it will most likely take the better part of a day, so you’ll have to cut some other things from your SF itinerary. Check out this list:

  • Japanese Tea Gardens: Is it a nice day, and you want to stay outside? At the Japanese Tea Gardens, say hello to the koi fish and sip some tea! Several pagodas look like the real thing in Japan, all nestled among lush gardens and horticulture. It’s not large, but it’s so well kept that you can feel the traditional Japanese culture here. And don’t forget to order some mochi!
  • Dutch Windmill: Planning a three-day trip to San Francisco in early spring? Come to the Dutch Windmill while the tulips are in full bloom – it’s the best time to go! An excellent spot for photos and relaxing on the grass for a while.
  • The Conservatory of Flowers: It is a Victorian-era glass greenhouse that houses over 2,000 plants and flowers! There’s a lot of biodiversity. Make a point of visiting the lily pad room and the carnivorous plants. Oh, and the orchids are stunning! You may think you are walking through a jungle! If you don’t want to pay, look at the grassy area outside, which is usually filled with colorful flowers.
  • Stow Lake: Rent a paddleboat or rowboat and explore the lake! There’s even a waterfall in this area! On a hot San Francisco day, this is ideal. This is a great date idea if you’re planning a three-day trip to San Francisco with your partner or best friend!
  • California Academy of Sciences (Cal Academy): If you enjoy science, you must visit the Cal Academy. It’s not just a natural history museum; it also has an aquarium (complete with an albino alligator and a plethora of jellies) and a planetarium (with showings every hour). The tropical rainforest in the dome is not to be missed.

Day 3: The Haight Ashbury Area

Prepare to get your hippy on because The Haight was once home to famous singers such as Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix in the 1960s. Expect many flower power vibes from her.

You’ll enjoy strolling down Haight Street, checking out the odd but brilliant treasures found at boutiques strewn about. Don’t miss Goorin Bros’ extravagant hats, Love on Haight’s vibrant tie-dye clothing, and Love to Death’s creepy taxidermy.

Look up to see the dangling legs above Piedmont Boutique, which are pretty iconic in the area. If you can’t find it, look for the shop with a massive pair of saucy legs hanging out the window!

And if you like to shop at thrift stores, you’re lucky. The Upper Haight is one of the best places to do so; all you need is a little patience.

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