10 Things to Know About the .NET Framework

For those wishing to engage in web development, the skill of working with the .NET platform is important. But for those who have not yet started their learning journey, you need to at least know about the basic information about this framework. Unfortunately, without this kind of knowledge, you will not be able not only to achieve success, but also risk remaining a novice in this area. It is unlikely that you would not want to master this path and achieve success.

At the same time, most clients tend to order services from professionals who do not need to learn. So, here you can contact such specialists who will gladly take up work on a project of any complexity, including those based on a popular framework.

What is important to consider?

There are 10 things to understand before getting started with .NET.

1. Is it true that .NET is only for WINDOWS or PC? This used to be true, but today there is .NET Core. This is an additional set of tools that are built from runtime components, contain the compiler and libraries needed to develop applications that run on other operating systems. Thanks to the tools of this technology, you can also work in Mac OS X and Linux.

2. Where is .NET in the open source world? In this technology, only some parts are open source. They are licensed. In fact, each developer can supplement them. One example is the Roslyn C# compiler for Microsoft. It contains open source under the Apache license.

3. What is .NET? .NET is a world-famous enabling platform that contains a wide range of different guidelines for developers to work with. It is used both for creating mobile applications and for developing programs for Windows. Programmers working with the platform can use different languages ​​- C#, C++, F# or VB.NET.

4. Importance of C#. C# or see-sharp is for coding inside .NET. It is impossible to do without this object-oriented language in the process of high-performance and secure development. Features of C# – it has many features such as versioning, openness to scalability, garbage collection and everything you need for accelerated development.

5. VISUAL STUDIO – what is it? It is important for a developer to be able to work with different environments. Visual Studio is one of them. This is an integrated development environment in which a programmer writes programs using C# or .NET. The popularity of Visual Studio is explained by its simplicity and convenience, wide possibilities – server management, code editing, performance analysis are available. At the same time, the environment can be used free of charge.

6. .NET library. The advantage of using this technology is that the platform provides access to a huge number of libraries. In essence, it provides ready-made solutions and sets of codes that have been created by other developers before. There are also separate libraries created for encryption, providing comprehensive security, and working with databases.

7. Is it possible to start working as a full-time developer after the course? It is impossible to master all the components after the course, but without such a start it is difficult to understand and learn how to use all the features of .NET. The training course opens up knowledge about Javascript, CSS and HTML, but deep knowledge of front-end development can only be obtained through practical activities.

8. ASP .NET is an essential tool for the web. Without this tool, it is impossible to create sites and individual component pages. In addition to service scripts, HTML, CSS, and Java Script are used in development. In work, you can use all programming languages ​​​​with this technology without problems.

9. What are the career prospects with .NET? The skill of working with the platform opens up wide career opportunities. It allows you to be realized in professions related to IT and in other industries. Here are some job opportunities that require this skill:

  • software development specialist;
  • web developer;
  • software engineer;
  • digital engineer.

Specialists who have the skill to work with this technology are in demand in almost all sectors of the modern economy.

10. .NET is popular in most of the world-famous companies. All leading companies use this platform to work effectively. Both large corporations and small organizations cannot organize a workflow without this technology. For example, TCS, Dell, Epic Systems, Accenture and others.

It is worth emphasizing that the framework has absorbed a lot of innovations, while the platform is constantly updated with new digital tools and becomes even more in demand.

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