10 Must-watch Movies for Summers from Different Genres

We all are well aware that summer was never an indoor sport. Pool parties, bike rides, BBQs, baseball, and long laidback afternoons and evenings at the beach are things that leave you sand-pantsed and tanned. 

However, like many other things in life, our expectations for seasons have also altered drastically. It is now mostly directed towards whatever joy can be conjured when concerts and blockbuster movies are canceled, and “al fresco” signifies hunching your vitamin D-depleted face out the bedroom window.

Yet there are excellent grounds to assume that the upcoming three months do not have to be completely boring. Today’s post talks about ten must-watch movies that will make your summertime more enjoyable.

Where to watch these Movies?

These movies are easily available on most of the streaming platforms on your FireStick. However, if you are looking to stream content for free, using third-party apps could be an option. 

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They are ideal for binge-watching your favorite movies and TV shows and come with all you need to find and start watching the media you want. You can download the apps on your FireStick by following simple steps. With all that covered, let’s now dive straight into our list of must-watch summer movies from different genres.


Yifei Liu plays the titular warrior in this heavily hyped Disney live-action remake. Mulan joined the Chinese army, disguised as a man, to defend her homeland and safeguard her father. Mulan is a tough martial-arts-driven action extravaganza that celebrates its girl power heritage, stripped of the melodies from the 1998 animated version.


Theron plays Andromache of Scythia, the head of a small band of immortal warriors.  She’s devoted the last 6,000 years or more to carrying out lethal missions and honing her combat talents, and in The Old Guard, she joins up with a freshly immortal trainee for her most perilous assignment yet. It is the sort of summer blockbuster that has been missing.


Seth Rogen, the comedian, is the latest big name to jump into the double-role contest, this time for a particularly bizarre project: a modification of Simon Rich’s 2013 New Yorker short story revolving around an immigrant in 1920s America (Rogen) who is kept intact for a century in a container of pickles and moves to the present-day Brooklyn alongside his great-grandson.


The Netflix comedy, featuring Pierce Brosnan, Dan Stevens, Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, and Demi Lovato, is based on the legendary European singing contest. The contest includes the continent’s most iconoclast want-to-be stars who proudly display a debatable talent to rise above the neighboring states.


The comedy pursues Scott, a burnout whose carefree demeanor is flipped upside down when his widowed mother starts dating a fireman. The movie was predicated on aspects of Davidson’s life, also featuring the loss of his firefighter dad. Scott is forced to confront his long-unresolved sadness, and Apatow believes it did the same for Davidson.


Relic combines a haunted-house setting with a disturbing story of a psychiatric condition and family pain. An older woman’s inexplicable vanishing lures her daughter and granddaughter to her crumbling rural home, with Jake Gyllenhaal and the Russo brothers as producers.


The cultural legacy of the 1950s, where the hygienic kids enjoying cola by the jukebox, provides collectivist nostalgia. Darkness remains on the outskirts of town, in atomic fear twilight zones. 

The Vast of Night masterfully depicts the analog Americana’s opposing atmospheres. The film is a horror-thriller set in a small community in New Mexico. Everyone is watching the local basketball team lose as darkness falls, but Everett and Fay are audio gurus working overnight shifts. They are both radio DJs and switchboard operators, so they are particularly qualified to study the unusual signals from the sky.


Riz Ahmed stars as Ruben, a heavy metal drummer and rehabilitating drug addict who unexpectedly lost hearing in filmmaker Darius Marder’s heartbreaking debut feature. Ruben seeks safety in a sobriety group home, where he is offered assistance in “learning to be deaf,” which includes ASL training with local schoolchildren.


The Netflix documentary examines the USA Gymnastics controversy and how the sport’s top powerful institution disregarded years of complaints of sexual abuse. Directors Bonnie Cohen and Jon Shenk dive deep into the world of competition in professional gymnastics and how an infatuation with victory led to years of institutional cover-ups by highlighting the Indianapolis Star journalists who spilled the beans and the many courageous survivors who spoke up.


John Lewis, currently 80, defied his mother’s advice to stay out of trouble. The future Representative and respected civil rights activist has fought for reform through practically every political and social route, often at his own risk. Dawn Porter’s superb documentary Good Trouble is a joyful, electrifying depiction of a life lived courageously and wholeheartedly.

Wrap Up 

The oddity of circumstances allows us to appreciate a wide range of films that would otherwise be overlooked or dismissed due to a lack of bandwidth. It is hard to believe that delightful alternatives exist for the things we enjoy each year in this dynamic world. Of course, this depends on your specific requirements.

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