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lpb piso wifi pause time

Utilizing the pause feature in the Piso WiFi network allows you to temporarily suspend your internet connection and then resume it whenever it suits you, which proves particularly handy when navigating WiFi networks, helping you steer clear of disruptions caused by ads and other distractions. When you access the website, you have the flexibility to adjust time limits and customize settings to match your specific requirements.

What Is Piso WiFi Pause Time?

Lpb Piso WiFi Pause Time refers to the feature within Piso WiFi systems that enables users to temporarily halt their internet connection. This pause time function allows individuals to have more control over their online experience, making it convenient for situations where they want to briefly disconnect from the network to avoid interruptions or customize their connection duration to suit their specific needs. Piso Wifi Insert Coin

For incorporating coins into Ado Piso WiFi, simply follow these steps.

    1. Establish a connection with the AdoPisoWiFi network.
    2. Open your web browser and navigate to the website using
    3. Locate the option labeled ‘coin’ and give it a click.
    4. Proceed to input the desired coins into the system.
    5. That’s the entire process! Following these steps, you should now be able to seamlessly insert your coins using Ado Piso WiFi.

Unveiling the Piso WiFi Pause Time Feature

The Piso WiFi Pause Time Feature allows users to temporarily halt their internet connection within the Piso WiFi system, offering them greater control over their online experience by enabling them to customize the duration of their internet access according to their specific needs.

  1. Piso WiFi users often prefer not to exhaust all their allocated time in a single session, and the ability to pause their usage as needed is of utmost importance. This feature is now easily accessible through the settings.
  2. Launch your web browser and input “” into the address bar.
  3. Provide your login credentials.
  4. If you’ve entered the login details correctly, you should now be successfully logged in.
  5. Locate and click on the option positioned at the left corner of the page.
  6. Activate the “pause time/auto-pause time to pause on boot” feature by clicking on it.
  7. Return to
  8. Upon revisiting the page, you will notice the presence of a new option for “pause time.”
  9. With this “pause time” feature at your disposal, you can effortlessly pause Piso WiFi as needed without any hassle.


  • You have the flexibility to easily customize the pause time, whether in minutes or hours, by accessing the web page at
  • This feature proves especially beneficial for saving on data costs, especially during activities like streaming videos or downloading files.
  • By avoiding unnecessary data charges, it holds significant value for individuals who frequently use the internet.
  • Piso WiFi’s pause time feature ensures a secure disconnection when needed, providing a respite from the digital world.
  • Additionally, there is customer support available to assist whenever required.
  • It plays a role in effective bandwidth management and enhances security by preventing IP address guessing.
  • Initially introduced in the Philippines, this feature is now expanding to other regions.

Disable The Piso WiFi Pause

  • To deactivate the Delay Capability of Piso WiFi, just follow these instructions:
  • Log in to the Piso WiFi Administrator Panel using your login credentials.
  • Scroll down until you find the ‘Pause Access’ option and select it.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter a password; simply provide your password and click ‘Apply.’
  • Once you’ve completed these steps, the pause capability will be disabled, and the network will be accessible as usual.

Piso Wifi Pause Time App Download:

Open the App Store: For Android devices, this is the Google Play Store, and for Apple devices, it’s the App Store.

Use the Search Function: In the app store, use the search bar to type “Piso WiFi Pause Time” and press enter.

Find the App: Look for the app in the search results. Make sure it’s the official and trusted version of the app.

Download and Install: Tap on the app, and you’ll be directed to its information page. There, you should find a “Download” or “Install” button. Tap on it.

Permissions and Settings: Follow any on-screen instructions, and you may need to grant certain permissions to the app.

Wait for Installation: The app will download and install on your device. Once it’s installed, you can open it and follow the app’s instructions for using it.

Unlocking Control: The Piso WiFi Pause Time Admin Portal

The Piso Remote Platform, also known as the IP gateway, serves as the control center for your router. Dealing with connectivity issues can sometimes feel overwhelming, but there’s no need to fret.

  • To fully harness the benefits offered by the Piso WiFi network gateway, it’s crucial to consider the following points:
  • By using the code, users gain control over their WiFi access.
  • You have the option to decide whether to permit connections to manage internet usage and set specific budget constraints.
  • The feature to pause network activity is an aspect that you may find intriguing.
  • With a simple visit to the URL, you can easily resume your WiFi access.
  • Employing the pause function can help you save money that would otherwise go to waste.

How Do I Pause Time in Piso Wifi?

  1. To access the Piso WiFi administration panel, open your browser and enter into the address bar. | Please note: Do not type ‘10.0 0.1’ in the address bar, as it is incorrect and does not correspond to any valid address.
  2. Fill the login detailslogin page
  3. After successfully logging in, a dashboard will appear on the screen.
  4. Navigate to the top left corner, and you’ll find a menu with various general settings options.
  5. To activate the ‘pause time/auto-pause time on boot’ feature, simply click on it.Enable or disable
  6. Close your browser, and then revisit
  7. This time, you’ll observe the presence of a ‘pause time’ option.LPB piso wifi pause time
  8. You can now effortlessly pause Piso WiFi by simply clicking the yellow ‘Pause’ button.

What we’ve accomplished is manually accessing the login portal and initially enabling the pause time settings. Subsequently, we gained access to the ‘pause’ option upon boot.

How to login to

To access the Admin Panel through, please adhere to the following steps:

  1. Begin by launching a web browser and entering either or into the address bar.
  2. This action will direct you to a login page, prompting you to input your username and password.”


3. Simply click on the ‘Login’ button, and you’ll gain access to the admin panel of your router.

Router Brand Username Password
Xfinity/Comcast admin 123456789
LPB Piso WiFi admin admin1234

Issues with

When attempting to access, you may encounter some common issues, including: took too long to respond’:

If you face this issue, try logging in with different IP addresses such as,, or

If the problem persists, it could be related to a wired connection issue or router hardware. Check for loose connections and consider rebooting your router.

Incorrect IP Address’:

Ensure you type the IP address correctly as It is often mistakenly entered as, which is an invalid URL. Adding ‘https://’ at the beginning of the URL will also render it invalid and redirect you to a search engine.

Unresponsive gateway device’:

This error may be due to technical issues. Reboot your router to see if the problem resolves.

Incorrect client address assignment’:

On a wireless network, IP addresses are automatically assigned to clients, which may result in your device having an IP address other than

How to Change Piso Wifi Password?

Ensure that you are currently connected to the WiFi network.

  • Open your web browser and go to the Piso WiFi web page at
  • A login window will appear. Enter your username and password, and then proceed by logging in.
  • Navigate to the left menu and select ‘gateway.’
  • Under the ‘gateway’ section, click on ‘connection,’ and then select ‘Wi-Fi.’
  • Within the private Wi-Fi network section, locate your WiFi network’s name.
  • Click on the ‘edit’ option situated in front of your WiFi network’s name.
  • Access the network password section and select ‘New password.’
  • Adjust the password to your preferred choice and save the changes.

Free Piso Wifi Voucher Code List

Here’s the voucher code information presented in table format:

S.No Code Time Price Expiry
1 RC7iCy 1 Hr 0 min Free next 1 hr
2 46qXtw 1 Hr 0 min Free next 4 hr
3 YS5rGX 1 Hr 0 min Free next 2 hr
4 VSUJg5 1 Hr 0 min Free next 1 hr

How To Access 10.0.01?

To troubleshoot login issues with Piso WiFi and ensure the correct IP address, follow these steps:

  1. Restart your Wi-Fi and router, and then wait for a few moments before reconnecting to your network.
  2. Check for any network outages by attempting to access websites. If they are unavailable, wait for some time and try again later.
  3. Clear the cache and cookies in the browser you are using to log in.
  4. As a last resort, you can reset your router to its factory settings.
      • Disconnect the power from the router.
      • Press and hold the reset button located on the back of the router for 10 seconds.
      • If you observe the lights on the router blinking, it indicates that the reset was successful.
      • Please be aware that choosing this option will result in all manually configured settings being reset to their default values. Consider this step carefully before proceeding.

How to Pause Piso Wifi?

When confronted with a string of numbers, it’s common to feel a bit overwhelmed, but fret not when it comes to connectivity issues.

  • Comprehending the functionalities of Piso WiFi’s default gateway is pivotal for making strides.
  • By using the access code, you can efficiently oversee your internet settings.
  • Take charge of connections and allocate bandwidth as per your requirements.
  • Determine the budget for your internet usage.
  • Moreover, you’ll also have the option to explore a feature that empowers you to temporarily pause time on Piso WiFi.

Customer Support

For assistance with your Piso WiFi, you can access the customer support portal. A customer service representative will request your login credentials and personal information. It’s important to note that support services are exclusively provided to individuals who have purchased vouchers. If you have any inquiries, you can also refer to the Ado Piso WiFi gateway for information.

What is LPB Piso Wifi Pause Time?

This platform is designed to function as a web browser with a range of user-friendly features. Some of its standout highlights encompass server capabilities, the ability to seamlessly block site integration with billing stations, efficient client management, real-time monitoring of connected devices, rate accumulation, a spanning server, and a flexible gateway.

Unlocking the Benefits: LPB Piso WiFi Pause Time Advantages

LPB Piso WiFi Pause Time offers a cost-effective internet service, making it accessible to individuals who may not afford traditional internet services or are seeking more affordable alternatives.

  • Telecom companies generate profits by providing this economical internet service.
  • The IP address plays a significant role, serving various purposes at different times.
  • With an efficient rate management system in place, administrators can remotely manage it from anywhere, ensuring seamless operation.
  • This system facilitates comprehensive management, user control, and, most importantly, rate-time management.

Key Factors in Piso WiFi Network

Location: Select high-traffic areas, such as malls, cafes, or transport hubs, for your 10.10 0.1 Piso WiFi pause time business. Understand your target customers’ demographics and preferences to enhance engagement.

Internet Speed: Ensure a reliable internet connection that can support pause time users. Resolve connectivity issues promptly to maintain customer satisfaction.

Security: Safeguard user data and activities with encryption protocols like WPA2, keep router firmware updated, and establish a secure admin password. Consider implementing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for enhanced user privacy.

These factors collectively influence both user experience and the profitability of your Piso WiFi 10.10 0.1 logout business.

Final Verdict

That concludes our guide. We appreciate your time and attention. We welcome your feedback and are committed to continual improvement. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comment section.

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