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Wonderful and Best Place to Live in Florida

best places to live in florida

If you find best places to live in Florida for permanent residence, with the hope of compensating for the lack of sunny and hot days in your childhood or youth, you will probably have a question as to which city of this sunny state you should choose to move to.

To make the right decision, you first need to decide what amount of income determines your well-being, or what kind of work you expect. Of course, we do not take into account the millionaires – with their money and opportunities it will be comfortable everywhere. If you are just arriving to best places to live in Florida for families’ permanent residence in the United States from any country and are only going to look for work, then the choice of Florida as the starting point for entering America is a big question.

At once I will make a reservation that there are more wonderful and Best places to live in Florida for retirees in America than those listed in this article. But we put a filter that immediately cuts off a number of addresses. We start from the budget of people who receive only a pension check or an SSI check. Well, maybe some modest savings are there.

How I should choose to Best places to live in Florida for retirees

Among Americans, there is a steady stereotype that Florida is a rather stern state, where many strange personalities and poor people live, it is Best places to live in Florida for retirees who come for a warm climate, but have no money to live in California. Of course, this does not correspond to reality, taking into account the luxurious houses of Boca Raton and Miami, but there is still a certain grain of truth.

Florida is very cheap rental housing. Accordingly, it attracts low-income people. Rent a one bedroom apartment in Tampa or Orlando, starting at $ 700. In Los Angeles, not to mention San Francisco, prices for similar housing start at $ 1,400 and up.

Should I go to small Florida cities for a cheaper life? Believe me if we are not talking about the coast this is the Best places to live in Florida, where you can live only for the beautiful sunset of the Gulf of Mexico or the equally beautiful sunrise of the Atlantic – you should not do this.

There is little work in the province; there is no entertainment at all. The rental price is not much lower than in the same Tampa or Jacksonville. The only argument “for” such a solution is a ready-made workplace, if you are ready to work for several years for a salary of $ 10 / hour – the province is quite suitable for you. Work for Americans is the main thing.

Choice best places to live in Florida for families       

If you can afford to buy or rent expensive housing, then feel free to choose the Miami – Fort Lauderdale – West Palm Beach metropolitan area. With money there will be less boring, given the large number of restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and other places of entertainment. And there is more work.

If you are looking best places to live in Florida for families to relaxed family life under the warm sun, the choice is small – Boca Raton, Tampa Bay or Orlando. By the cost of living, they are about the same. Perhaps Jacksonville could be added to them, but this city is not very prosperous in terms of crime.

Tampa and Orlando are very similar. Unlike Miami – an expensive winter resort for visiting rich and hanging out young people, these two cities represent the best option for family living and raising children. Real estate here is inexpensive, both for purchase and for rent.

If your budget allows you to buy a house worth a million or more – pay attention to Boca Raton or West Palm Beach for best places to live in Florida. There are no more tourists like Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Spacious home here can be purchased almost half the price than in southern California.

If you have strained money, but you have firmly decided to live in Florida this is the best places to live in Florida for retirees – go to Tampa or Orlando. Better to Tampa – there is all the agglomeration, together with St. Petersburg and Clearwater it has about 2 million. And the more people – the more infrastructure and vacancies.

Here the list of 4 Best places to live in Florida

A list of cities that are considered safe and best places to live in Florida can be found in the following paragraphs. Most of them are small towns and are thus able to provide a safe atmosphere for living, working and raising children.

1. Sarasota

Sarasota won the 21st place in the All-American list of the best cities to live in. and it is also Best places to live in Florida for families. There are beautiful beaches in many centers this is a great place to visit or live.

2. Tampa

Arriving at number 35 on the list of top US cities, Tampa has earned its place thanks to its rapid development and growing economy.

3. Orlando

This is a popular tourist destination, which means having jobs and opportunities to start a business this is the Best places to live in Florida. The city took the 40th place in the general American ranking.

4. Cape Coral, FL

In general, everyone knows that Best places to live in Florida for but this place in particular Catch fish or walk on the beach. Hereinafter we omit the words “on average” and “per month” – to save space in the newspaper. The cost of the paid home is $ 558, and the unpaid with mortgage is $ 1,251. The rent is $ 983. Many live in two houses, using the shelter for the winter months. As elsewhere in Florida, there is no regular income tax.

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