Where most of the Pakistani wants to celebrate the Ramadan Season?

ramadan season

Ramadan season is an important month in the whole year for Muslims. It’s the month of blessing where every single good deed becomes much valuable as compared to other months.

Every year, Ramadan season comes in the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Every person who crosses an age where they can bear not to eat Food from sunrise to sunset can easily take part in this month.

In Muslims, eating not a single bite of Food for the whole day and perform all the prayers and Quran recitations is the most loveable thing by almighty Allah.

In this month, every Muslim tries to perform the fasting period as beautiful as they can because only fasting is not what Ramadan means.

There are further other things like performing every daily time matters in the right way. In Islam, keeping yourself away is not the real meaning of this month.

Because, if a person fasts for the whole day without performing any prayers, good deeds, sadqah, and Quran recitation, the fasting is wasted for them.

Every daily routine in this blissful months decreased to a limited time. Every Government and Private Departments realize the situations of Peoples and allow them to work half day to perform good deeds and prayers properly.

During the fasting period, Muslims are prohibited from eating any food, liquids, and also forbidden to show any affection towards their spouses.

However, when the time of fasting ends after sunset, they can show affection towards each other. There are total 29 or 30 Fasting days, Muslim use to spend every year.

Based on moon appearance, the dates are set each year for this Holy month. However, every year the dates go ten days backwards. The reason behind it is the weather, which is different all across the world.

In Pakistan, April to July is the hottest weather while other countries do have cold weathers in this month. The Almighty Allah sets the dates to provide ease to every Muslim so they can enjoy fasting on every month of their life.

There are two-time meals throughout the day for Muslims also known as “Sehri/Suhoor” and “Aftaari/Iftaari”.

Sehri/Suhoor is the mealtime in the morning just before the sunrise.

Ramadan Season in Pakisthan:

The last messenger of Allah considers this Food as one of the healthiest one for any Muslims, and he also urged not to miss this at any cost to have a good Fast throughout the day.

Iftaar/Aftaari is the mealtime in the evening after sunset. Some people eat light dates with a light snack, and others eat dates with dinner items.

The first day of this holy month starts with a Taraaveh. “Taraweeh” is a long prayer performs by every Muslim after the “Ishaa Prayers” just before going to sleep. Twenty rakaats of prayers are performed each night, and in the 20 rakaats, some part of the Quran is recited by the Hafiz-e-Quran in the masjid.

The last ten days of Ramada are the much more critical part of this month. In the last ten days, people from different areas spend these ten days inside their closest masjid.

In the ten days, they only perform a lot of prayers, recite Qurans, and don’ talk with any stranger. The daily life gossips are prohibited in these ten days for those living here, and they only connect directly with Allah to urge for forgiveness and betterment of their life.

Where the people of Pakistan celebrate Ramadan Season?

People in Pakistan are much concerned about spending this whole month in their home town or at least inside the country.

Pakistanis living across the world also try their best to spend some days in the country during the month of Ramadan.

Because, every person wish to spend this holy month with their peoples, spend the time more generously and have some beautiful memories to preserve till the next month of Ramadan.

It’s much evident that people use to spend their time in their hometown. So they can do as much food distribution to the less-privileged in their cities so they can also have a good Ramadan every year.

Ramadan Season:

Moreover, every Ramadan families use to get together for Ramadan Feast. Every day a family member prepare Food for all the relatives, and they break their fast after sunset altogether.

Other than that, Holy month ends with an Eid Celebration. Everyone travels to their hometown to spend the three days Eid Celebration days along with their loved ones.

However, they prefer to spend the holy month as well to be with the loved ones in the home town. If the peoples are much bound with their work or business, they try to spend at least the last ten days of the holy month in their hometown.

How Can You Tour Pakistan in the Holy Month Ramadan Season?

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