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What Distinguishes The Dress Code Cocktail For Men?

Dress Code Cocktail For Men

Dress code – these are specific requirements for the appearance of a person according to the theme of the event, they usually relate to clothing, shoes and accessories. To date, business etiquette has several types of dress codes for men, thanks to which it is possible to choose the right outfit for this or that event, to look perfect and appropriate. For example, the dress code is a cocktail attire for men, which provides visitors of the celebration with a free choice of clothes.

Of all the existing and existing dress codes, the Cocktail is the freest option, since there are no strict requirements and frameworks for it. The main task that a man faces is the correct and harmonious combination of clothes according to the texture, color scheme and style load. Much depends on the event itself, its themes and specifics, which should also be taken into account when choosing a wardrobe.

The basic rules of dress code depending on the type of event

Today, the cocktail dress code has become widespread throughout the world among women and men, it is used for different occasions in life, but more often during formal events.

If for a certain event the tailcoat would be an overly ceremonial option, and a tuxedo pretentious, then you should dress up according to the cocktail dress code. The invitation to such an event will be marked Coctail Attire, which is appropriate for several types of events.

Classic option

In the classic version this will be the evening dress code for the event, which will be celebrated later than 9 o’clock in the evening. Here, a relaxed and comfortable set of clothes is acceptable, that is, a familiar, but elegant version of a classic suit, which you can wear cufflinks and expensive watches to emphasize your social status and style. But it is better to refuse a tie, since it will introduce excessive official status into the event.

Social event

If we are talking about any social event, it should be dressed a little stricter than in the previous version. As a rule, such items as a high-quality classic suit, a classic and formal shirt that fits perfectly with it, for example, a tie and cufflinks, are included in the set for a man. You can complement the image with luxurious patent leather or leather shoes.

Business party

In this case, the evening dress code cocktail can be useful at negotiations in a restaurant with partners or contractors, respectively, the man is faced with the task of choosing a rather strict dress code cocktail. It can be a strict black suit, which corresponds to business etiquette, also available in dark blue and brown. The shirt can be either monophonic or in a thin strip, the image is necessarily completed with a tie and shoes in a classic design.

Basic elements of clothing

In fact, the cocktail dress code is considered to be the easiest in terms of the selection of clothes, its base will always be a dark shade suit in a classic version. For a formal occasion, you can use a black suit, for an event at 5:00 pm you can wear a calm gray suit, and for a late time of day, a model of dark blue or dark gray will do.

The trousers of the suit should have ironed arrows, the jacket is also welcome in the same design. You can wear a vest to this outfit on the official occasion. In addition, the degree of formality of such cases and institutions will affect the shade of the shirt, the suit of the man. According to the standard, the shirt can be black or white, as long as it does not over-attract attention.

Particular attention should be paid to how to properly fill the shirt to look presentable. If the tie is not attached to the shirt, you can not fasten the top button on it. According to the dress code, it is forbidden to take off the jacket, as a last resort, this is possible if the shirt has a long sleeve.

Shoes and accessories

According to the Cocktail dress code, a man must pay attention to the choice of shoes and accessories for a common outfit. Classic derby shoes are perfect, but they should have a neat, non-massive sock and perfectly brushed texture. The color of the shoes can be black or brown, usually due to business etiquette shoes echoes a shade with the pants . An alternative to the derby shoes can be oxfords in the same style processing.

Permitted accessories for a man’s similar outfit are wrist watches, ties, trousers belts and cufflinks. As for the tie, it is worn only for business and social events, but at the corporate party you can wear a more casual set of clothes without a tie. A tie with a neutral or geometric pattern will look perfect, but one of the patterns or patterns should be somewhere else in clothes.

Particular attention should be paid to the belt, its color should match the color of the shoes, that is, to be in the classic version. Neutral buckle is a must, it should not be evident. Wristwatches can be either on a leather belt or on a metal bracelet. But a chest scarf and a butterfly are the main contraindications to the dress code Cocktail.


When choosing a dress for a particular event, a man will be assisted by such an essential prompt as a certain dress code. Because of this, you can safely pick up a suit, shirt, accessories and shoes, without worrying about whether the appearance and wardrobe of a man in this society would be appropriate. Cocktail is the weakest version of the dress code for official events, social events and business meetings.

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