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What Causes Low Blood Pressure? Low BP Symptoms and treatment

what causes low blood pressure

These days low blood pressure has been common like a cold and flu. Low blood pressure or hypotension is a common chronic medical condition distressing many individuals across the globe.

What is Hypotension/Low blood pressure?

Blood generally pushes against the arteries with every heartbeat, the pushing of blood against the artery walls is referred to as blood pressure. Low blood pressure is a condition of the inadequate flow of blood to the organs of the body. An ideal blood pressure reads120/80 range whereas low blood pressure range is lesser than 90/60 readings. Chronic hypotension with no symptoms is never serious but it should be concerned when it comes with the serious call.

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Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

  1. Dizziness
  2. Fatigue
  3. Nausea
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Lack of concentration
  6. Fainting

What happens if you have low blood pressure?

The body tends to fail to supply enough oxygen to perform normal functions. Thus, decreased oxygen results in the impaired working of the brain and heart. An individual with low blood pressure leads to unconsciousness or might go in shock.

Main causes of Low Blood Pressure

The sudden drop in an individual’s blood pressure may be life-threatening. Here is the list of reasons that cause hypotension or low blood pressure

  1. Nutritional deficiency– Most of the health problems starts with nutritional deficiency and in most of the times it ends with detrimental health. The deficiency in vitamin B12 results in anemia and further leave you with low blood pressure.
  2. Pregnancy- The blood pressure starts falling in women who are expecting a baby. Doctors say most of the pregnant women face low blood pressure and the readings remain at lower side till 24 weeks. Parallelly readings of the BP is important since it predicts the state of health of both the mother and a baby.
  3. Prolonged standing- Upon standing for a long time the blood pools in the veins and blood vessels require to speedily regulate to prevent blood pressure from falling too much. This condition is usually called as neutrally mediated hypotension and young people mostly get an effect from this.
  4. Medication-When people who are suffering from cardiac disease, tricyclic antidepressants, Parkinson’s disease, and so on undergo with the medication tend to suffer from Low BP. Because these drugs include diuretics and other elements that might cause low blood pressure/hypotension says spokesperson of the medical department.
  5. Decreased blood count- A temporary decrease in blood flow condition acquaintance with a sudden fall in blood pressure.

When is low blood pressure an emergency?

Extreme hypotension can consequence in life-threatening condition, at this time it is advised to seek an emergency medical help. In case your blood pressure readings seem consistently low and you are fine then your surgeon likely monitors you with routine checkups. Occasional dizziness with mild dehydration from a long time requires medical care.

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How is low blood pressure treated?

Not everyone with low blood pressure requires treatment. If the underlying blood pressure causes are severe then requires medications. Also depending on severity, age, and type treatment will be given to the individuals.

  1. A balanced intake of salt– People usually with hypotension are recommended to intake more salty foods. Ideally intaking more salt could lead to heart failure particularly in older adults. So, it is better to consult a doctor before increasing salt in your food.
  2. Drink more water– Dehydration is one main reason for low blood pressure. To overcome the low blood pressure issue it is advised to drink more and more water. Increase in fluid intake improves the blood volume and help to prevent dehydration. Thus, saves from low blood pressure condition.
  3. Wear compression stockings– The stockings that are usually used to cure the varicose veins helps to reduce the pooling of blood in legs and thus prevents from low blood pressure.
  4. Medications– Certain drugs are allowed in the market that reduces the fall in blood pressure. Midodrine is the common drug suggested by doctors for the people who are suffering from chronic low blood pressure.


If you are underlying with any of the mentioned symptoms of low BP it is advised to consult your physician. Once your doctor confirms that your blood pressure is low, follow his suggestion and take medication if it is essential. Once you are under treatment, you can take your blood pressure test further usingeasy to use home kit instead of visiting hospital every time and monitor the blood pressure by referring to the low blood pressure chart.

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