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Top 9 things to do in Boston this weekend

things to do in Boston
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Boston is located in Massachusetts. People from all over the world come here to have fun during the summer months. There are the lists of 9 Points that will prompt you things to do in Boston this weekend so if you are making the plan for holiday then Boston is perfect place for you.  

Boston is full of historical places and beautiful views, so you can always find something to occupy yourself. The capital of Massachusetts remains a popular tourist destination among many tourists. Located in the northeastern region of the United States, it has many attractions and regions to visit. Boston has a special charm; He is quaint, and at the same time there are many events.

You can get around from the bridge streets to historic sites and not even explore half of the city in several visits. Before you start exploring the city, you need to make sure that there is enough time. USA and is its capital. Like all major cities, it is expensive and may well strike on your budget.

But in Boston a lot of entertainment and there is always something to do, but food and hotels could be cheaper and happiness I have lived in this city for a long time and will tell you what to see in Boston and not spend a lot of money. Most of the entertainment on this list is free.  So, why am I recommending the Boston in these free things to do in Boston post?

Best things to do in Boston this weekend

Things to do in Boston today take a look at the city through the eyes of the locals. The locals will tell you what to do and where to eat, and give other invaluable advice.

Trail Of Freedom in Boston

Take a walk along the Freedom Trail, and you will learn all that is necessary about the history of Boston. This red-brick, 4-kilometer-long Street passes through 16 historic sites, and all of them are free to visit. If you want to save even more on a guided tour in Boston, download this audio podcast with a guided tour and go for a walk yourself.

Become On Faneuil Hall

Everyone who has visited Boston should taste food at the Quincy Market at least once. Take food with you to one of the many restaurants and go out to enjoy the street musicians and other talented people who organize a real show there. So that it definitely one of my favorite, offbeat things to do in Boston this weekend I like to spend the evenings here watching people. Well, if you prefer to eat in a restaurant, you will find many cozy places in Fennel Hall.

Go To Boston Common Park

On warm summer days, you can meet many locals in the old park of Boston, who lie on the grass, read books, play sports, play and enjoy life. Do not be lazy to walk to the Public Garden (Public Gardens), which is located right there, just to cross the road. Boston’s parks are a great way to spend time in the city and get to know its everyday life better without spending a penny.

Get On a Hatch Shell Concert

In the parking lot near the Charles River there is a playground where free summer concerts take place. Relax by the river while the musicians donate their creativity to the city. At this venue you can meet many local pop stars giving a concert in honor of July 4th. After the concert, take a boat ride or just enjoy the good weather. Sometimes in Hatch Shell you can get to the night movie show.

Visit Kasl Aylend (Castle Island)

Castle Island is located in the southern part of Boston and is known for the fort located there. The island has many beautiful beaches that are popular with locals. There is also a picnic area, and you can explore the fort for free. In the summer, on weekends, it is quite crowded, and in spring, school groups lead on trips.

Go On Tour to Harvard

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest in America. Learn the history of the university, its program and myths, as well as admire the architecture. Still, Harvard University graduated from people like Barack Obama, Natalie Portman, Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Damon, etc., it is worth your attention. Excursion, by the way, is free.

After it, I advise you to take a walk along Harvard Square, where you will meet truly talented musicians.  Whether you’re into fashion or history, there’s something for everyone in our list of the best things to do in Boston today

Drink With Students

Okay, okay, this kind of entertainment is not free. After exploring all the sights, you will most likely be thirsty, so head straight to the bars in Alston and Brighton, where you will meet many young people and perhaps the cheapest beer in the city. Places like Wonder bar, The White Horse, The Kells, The Draft, and Joshua tree are always crowded with young professionals.

Go To Beer Tour

Sam Adams, the largest Boston brewery, offers free beer tours. They start at noon and pass every 45 minutes. In the process you will be treated to several free samples of products. If you have not turned 21 yet, do not worry, you can still participate, but you will not be allowed to drink yet. Explore the best things to do in Boston and remember appearances aren’t everything.

Visit Arnold Arbold

Arnold Arboretum is a huge botanical garden with an area of ​​more than 1 kilometer, which is open from dawn to dusk. There are many scenic paths, gardens, lawns and thousands of varieties of flowers from around the world.

Take a break from the bustle of the city and admire the rare plants. This place is much quieter Public Garden and more diverse in terms of vegetation. They even have a beautiful collection of bonsai.

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This is what is worth things to do in Boston this weekend. I hope this list will be useful to you when you begin to select for you the sights of Boston Massachusetts, which are going to visit. If you have your favorite places in Boston that are worth a look, write in the comments.

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