10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Top 10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home


It is a universal truth that in taking more calories will lead to gain weight. The only mantra to burn these extra calories is physical exercise. Regular exercise burst extra calories and keeps you less appetite says studies.

So, Weight loss Exercise is absolutely essential
for dropping fat.

Millions of individuals
who have lost weight and losing weight confirm
the fact that workout works!

In this article let you know the 10 best exercises to lose weight fast


Squats - Weight loss exercise

Squat is one of the
best fat burning exercises. This basic exercise strengthens lower body muscles together
with quads, calves, glutes, and hamstrings. Every single lower body muscle will
be used during the squat. This user-friendly exercise builds strength and gives
a challenge to your muscle. Bending your
knees slightly is not truly a squat.

it should be done?

Bend your knees and outspread your buttocks backward and make posture as if you sit on a chair put your toes and weight in your heels, rise and repeat the same.

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Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar

Yoga has been an
effective way to keep oneself physically well. Being the most widely practiced Surya Namaskar triggers weight
loss. The 12 different poses of Surya Namaskar possess different health benefits.
This complete activity allows breathe in and breathe
out during the postures thus helps to lose more weight.


zumba weight loss

If you love dancing
then Zumba is a perfect buddy to you for exercising. Zumba is all about burning
calories including this as the everyday routine
you can expect to lose tins of calories. This upbeat exercise boosts your energy and you will have fun.

Abs Exercise

Abs Exercise weight loss

Majority of the people consult
physical trainers to reduce their belly fatness. Abdominals tends to overlay
with muscles and keeps the tummy big. There only exercises that is designed to
only to reduce belly fat. They are

on back with knees bent and hands behind head, bending shoulders off the floor and
whorl legs near ribcage rigorously.

the complete body with two hands and toes are
done in planks. Stretching legs back in plank position reduces the belly fat.
Practicing this exercise for every 2 mins will be worth to keep your body in


swimming weight loss

Swimming workout chops
the fat and keeps you physically strong. Experts say that swimming energetically burn up 500 to 700 calories in an
hour. This is the best workout to lose
as it engages abdominal, back, glutes, arms, and hips muscles. So,
keep swimming as a choice to lose weight and feel great.


Walking weight loss

Exercise need not to always be in the tougher form, a simple
brisk walk makes a major difference. If you really want to shed your weight walking
is the easiest way for weight loss keep
walking at least 30 mins every day and gradually increase the duration to get
more effective results.

Push Ups

push ups for weight loss

Probably when you are
at the edge of losing weight, most of the people around you gives advice of Pushups exercise. Settle on a ground set
your hands with a distance wider than shoulder width. Set the toes and push
your body up and down rigorously. After a lot of struggle, the push-upscome in
the right form.


Skipping for weight loss

Skipping might sound
like school activity but trust me it is a body toner. Studies have proved that
skipping on barefoot is better as it
makes feet stronger. Along with physical fitness,
skipping keep your heart healthy. The calorie you can burn by skipping is equal
to the calorie can burn through eight miles running.


running for weight loss

Running is an ideal
choice to put down a few pounds. This
simple form of exercise aids to reduce the production of hunger hormones and increase
satiety hormones.

Boat Pose

Boat Pose for weight loss

Rest your feet on the floor and back at sitting position gradually
lift the legs and stretch you’re both
hands towards straight. At first, it
seems difficult to balance the whole body
in sitting bones later after good practice to hold the position for a good time. This exercise helps to burn calorie at a good

Weight Loss is a solo emotion,
which can be performed in a varied form. All the exercise mentioned in this
article is most of zero investment you
can achieve it without using a single tool.
It is better late than never, understand your
underlying health problems suffering from obesity and make a top priority to include exercise in your
everyday routine. So, did you complete your today’s

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