Nutrition: 11 Rarest & Most Expensive Foods in the World You Need to Try



White Truffle, like their cousin the black truffle, is exceedingly rare. They’re mostly found growing naturally in particular regions of Italy, France, and Croatia, but can sometimes be found growing in other areas. They are notoriously difficult to cultivate, and for the most part are found naturally in the wild. The white truffle sells for anywhere from $1,360 to $4,200 per pound, but particularly large truffles can sell for much more. A truffle weighing in at 3.3 lbs sold for $330,000 at an auction, which is a pretty hefty price to pay for what is essentially a mushroom.


This Chinese delicacy is one of the rarest dishes on earth. Known affectionally as the ‘Caviar of the East’, this dish has been served in China for over 400 years. It is made from the nests built by cave swifts, a species of bird. Yes, Bird’s Nest Soup is literally made from a bird’s nest. Naturally you can imagine that acquiring the ingredients for the soup can be…difficult. Especially considering the cave swift is true to its name and builds its nest in caves. The nests are built using the bird’s saliva, which is then reduced with other ingredients into a gelatinous soup. It sells anywhere from $910 to $4,535 per pound.


Yep, no exotic ingredients here, just good ol’ fashioned gold. People love gold so much that over the years we’ve developed an edible version. Although edible, it apparently has a flavourless taste, meaning it adds literally nothing to the dish besides shininess. Nonetheless, some people flock to eat edible gold as a status symbol. It’s usually flaked and added to drinks or as a garnishment to other dishes. Edible gold sells anywhere from $33,000 to $110,000 per kilogram; because nothing says “I eat like a boss” quite like having enough money to eat gold instead of wearing it.

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