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Most Effective and Best Exercises to Build Muscle

best exercises to build muscle
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In this article, we will find the best exercises to build muscle which will make your workouts more effective and make your muscles grow.

Each workout consists of different exercises, a certain number of repetitions. A set of exercises, composed without a specific goal, can become a waste of time. If you want to quickly increase muscle mass, develop strength indicators, then you need to take a responsible approach to choosing the muscle building workout schedule for necessary exercises for the mass.

Not everyone has the opportunity to regularly attend the gym, but who prevents us from keeping fit and muscle building exercises at home. Training at home will not make you a real bodybuilder with chic muscles, but they can be very effective for gaining muscle mass. The main thing is that the training program was compiled correctly, taking into account your individual characteristics.

5 basic and best exercises to build muscle  

Muscle building is a very complex physiological and biomechanical process, understanding which even the most experienced athlete can get confused. Here are 5 simple muscle building exercises at home, which you can achieve, excellent results. You can quickly gain weight without harm to your health at home only by observing diet, exercise and recovery


This is the main exercise for developing strength and building a muscular body and makes you proper muscle building workout schedule. No training program should go without it. Squats are usually performed with a barbell, in a squat rack. Exercise affects not only the muscles of the legs, but also the entire upper body. Squats are like a hormonal nuclear bomb for the body, causing each part of the body to become stronger and larger with each repetition.

Dead lift

The second most effective and best exercises to build muscle that helps you gain muscle mass quickly and make a person as strong as a bear. Like squats, it is performed only with a barbell.

Push-ups on the bars

Exercise is often called “squats for the upper body,” and for good reason. The main burden falls on the muscles of the shoulders, chest and triceps. This is a good muscle building exercises at home for the overall development of the upper body. Pushups are performed on the bars, specifically designed for this.

Pull ups

Sometimes it turns out that even the strongest weightlifters can’t even pull up a couple of times. This is a great and best exercise to build muscle to work out your back muscles and biceps. If possible, it is necessary to give him preference, rather than a downward on a high block.

Bench press

This is a basic exercise to work out the muscles of the upper body. There are several options for performing the exercise: bench press on a bench, bench dumbbells on a bench, bench press on an inclined bench, bench dumbbells on an inclined bench.

Muscle building workout schedule       

Why do we need a muscle building workout schedule for the mass, cannot we immediately begin to dry? And here it is impossible! To flaunt voluminous and prominent muscles, they first need to pump. In this article we will describe what your basic training program for the mass should be, and what rules should be followed to gain quality muscle.

Exercise, which remains the main in many training programs for decades and muscle building workout schedule.

Best exercises to build muscle helped increase muscle mass you need to follow a few rules

  • Deal with large enough weights to create stress and muscle fiber destruction.
  • Have a rest, observe the daily regimen and get enough sleep so that the muscles recover well.
  • Between workouts for one muscle group should take at least 48 hours.
  • Large muscle groups to train no more than 1 time per week.
  • The total number of lessons per week for beginners is 2-3, for experienced athletes 3-5.
  • Each exercise should be performed for 6–8 repetitions, since it is this range that contributes to the most efficient muscle growth.
  • Basic exercises should be placed at the beginning of the workout and take up most of it.
  • We should not forget about the isolation, which is necessary for a more detailed study and mustache.
  • Isolating exercise can be done on 12-15 repetitions.

Regular – does not mean exhausting. Three workouts per week for 40-50 minutes is the best option for both beginners and “experienced” athletes. The main thing to remember is that make your muscle building workout schedule it takes a week to complete muscle recovery, that is, between the first and second workout for one group and another should take seven days.

Sleep properly in the sleep, the body is restored, which is why good rest is just as important part of a weight gain program as nutrition and exercise. In this case, the duration of sleep of an athlete should be at least 8 hours, the recommended rate – 9-11 hours.

In order to provide your body with a healthy sleep, it is necessary to go to bed at the same time, to rest on an empty stomach, not to do sports before bed.

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Do not expect that the build-up of muscle building exercises at home will occur within 1-2 months. To see a significant increase, you need to train hard and fully eat at least six months. It is necessary to constantly observe the so-called regime. In addition to the load you need rest for full recovery. Every other day, then the muscles will have time to relax and will be ready to increase the load.

It is possible to develop musculature only with the help of weights. Therefore, you will need a pair of dumbbells and a barbell. It is very important that the dumbbells are collapsible, as this will allow you to adjust the weight in different Best exercises to build muscle. For workouts at home, discs are better to buy rubberized. Such shells look aesthetically pleasing, do not knock during classes and, most importantly, do not damage parquet or linoleum in the event of a fall.

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