Lower Abs Workout at Home

Lower Abs Workout at Home – Lower Abs Exercise Chart


Who doesn’t like some sexy and bold abs to peep out of the fit body? More than the other body abs, focusing on the lower abs gives a certain structure to the body and makes it look so much better. To achieve such great lower abs, a particular lower abs workout routine needs to be followed. It is important to work on the core parts of the body and the best part about it is that you can workout at home. You do not need to rush to the gym day and night to achieve these abs. We all know how difficult is it to strengthen the lower part of the body but did you know, that it is even more difficult for the women because of the estrogen hormone which tends to store fat in the lower abs area. However, we are with you on this journey! Here, we are going to guide you through a lower abs exercise chart which will help you to gain great lower abs within a month.

Here are the lower abs exercise, which you must do for at least 30 seconds each, with an interval of 10 seconds. Make sure you repeat each workout type, two to three times.

1. Scissor legs

● Lie down on your yoga mat straight with hands and legs spread out on the side.

● Put up both the legs at a height, straining your lower-body.

● Put up both hands behind your neck to hold up the head.

● Criss-cross both the legs, just like the motion of the scissors.

● Make sure you keep the body posture straight while doing this.

2. Straight leg raise

● Lie down straight on the yoga mat.

● Position both the legs on the mat.

● Raise one leg straight up to the height.

● Bring one leg down and take another leg up.

● Repeat it 10 times.

3. Slider Knee Tuck

● Take a towel or a wiper and fold it to support your hand palms.

● Sit in a position to tuck your knee inside.

● Move the towel with your hand pressure in the front/

● At the same time, move you tucked in knee outside, by stretching your legs.

● Repeat the step and tuck in and tuck out your knee accordingly.

4. Slider Pike

● Just like the Slider Knee Tuck, you need to put the towel under your feet in the

Slider Pike.

● Stand upside with arms and feet stretched, forming an “A”.

● Make sure you keep your hips and waist posture straight and erect.

● Keeping your arms straight on the mat, move your feet to and fro, at the same


● Make your head in and waist and hip up freely, along with the movement.

5. Heel Tap

● Sleep straight on the yoga mat.

● Look upwards and lay your hands at side.

● Bend both the knees firmly.

● Holding both the legs at a straight position, bring one leg down first, touching just

its heel to the floor.

● Bring it back to up and hold it in the air, like previously.

● Repeat the same step with the other leg.

6. Side Planks

● Get ready in the position of a plank.

● Make sure your body's posture is absolutely straight here.

● Putting the pressure on one side, roll and turn on from the other side.

● When already rolled up on the one side, stretch the free hand up.

● Make sure you are putting the stress on the core of the waist.

● Repeat the same workout rolling from, one side to another.

The above-directed list of lower abs workout at home may work differently on different body types and muscle structures. Make sure you ask yourself and notice first, which of the above lower abs workout is working for you because NOBODY KNOWS YOUR BODY BETTER THAN YOU. Reading this will not show up your abs. Go, and sweat yourself on the yoga mat and earn those lower body abs!

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