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Keep your Eyes Safe and Healthy

Keep Your Eyes Safe and Healthy

Contact lenses are the most convenient alternative to glasses. People that don’t like to wear glasses, or feel glasses can interrupt them while sporting; a pair of contact lens will be the best option. Nevertheless, lens wearers are at risk of getting an eye infection and hence irritation and discomfort. So, it is crucial to know the right symptoms, causes, and precautions.

Avoid Discomfort and Irritation

Eye lenses are used by many as an alternative choice for eyeglasses. Most people that are having an active lifestyle or those who don’t like to carry glasses use eye optical contact lens as an alternative choice for glass frames. However, lenses do carry a certain risk of eye infections. So, it is vitally important to understand the symptoms, causes, and Precautions to take care of your eyes in the right way.


Have you noticed swollen, sore, or red eyes after wearing your lenses? If yes, probably you are suffering from eye infection subjected to contact lens. Other causes of eye irritation and discomfort are blurred vision, dryness in eyes, and feeling like there is something stuck in your eye.

Some of the Possible Causes

Improper care

Soft contact lenses are delicate and need to have cared as recommended by the eye doctor. Moreover, your negligence in cleaning them properly, cleaning hands properly before putting them in your eyes and taking out back, using recommended solutions so they don’t dry out, etc. can indeed result in eye discomfort and irritation. In addition to this, letting your lenses come into contact with perfumes, make-up and hair products, etc. can also harm your eyes.

Caution! Never ever share them with anyone since this is the easiest way to spread infectious bacteria.

Extended Wearing

There are various brands and types of eye lenses; from hard to soft, and from brands that can be worn for a few recommendable hours, to the brands, you can safely wear for more than 24 hours. Keeping them into your eyes for more than the recommended hours can be a good reason for infection. Wearing them post their expiration date can also cause infectious and bacterial issues. Always destroy the old lenses and get new ones at the right time recommended by the eye examiner or the manufacturer.

Eye Infection

A bacterial eye infection can be very serious if not treated at the right time; can cause serious sight-threatening eye disease if left untreated. So, it is very important to reach out to a reputable eye care service center the earliest possible if you are experiencing symptoms of irritation.


You can put your eyes at risk if not following the basic tips.

Sponge Down Your Hands Properly before Wearing Lenses

Wash your hands properly before touching your lenses; whether for wearing or putting them out. This will prevent germs and dirt from influencing your eyes. Only use chemical-free and mild soaps to wash your hand since chemical soaps can be strong enough to cause irritations.

Clean Lenses Properly while Removing

Again, wash your hands properly as you will be touching your eye optical contact lens to put them off. Remove them carefully and very tenderly rub them with the help of your fingers rinsing them with the prescribed solution. This will remove dirt and bacterial impurities deposited on the surface. Never use water or any other material to do this.

Replace your Lenses before it is Late

Reach out to your regular eye clinic to replace your lenses as early as the prescribed expiration date is finished. Don’t continually wear them unless you don’t experience any issue. Scheduled replacing will prevent complications.

Maintain your Lens Case Hygiene

Put your lenses correctly in a good lens case. It should be cleaned after every use. Humidity also spoils them. So never leave your lens case in a humid place. Store your lenses in their particular sides; i.e. right eye lens should be kept separate from the left eye lens. So, make sure that the lens case you are using or buying has symbols to identify the right and the left side. And finally, replace the case every three to four months.

Wrapping up

Out of numerous things, the above listed are a few things that can help you prevent discomfort and irritation due to contact lenses. Caring for them in the right way and using them correctly as prescribed will surely help you avoid various eye related issues. Changing them at the recommended schedule and getting an updated prescription from a reputable eye care services center near me in Brampton like “Image Optical West” can also keep you far away for lens irritations.

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