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How to Winterize a Pool – Winterizing Above Ground Pool

how to winterize a pool
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Pool closing time is generally an upsetting event. As the weather is getting colder, and the colour of the leaves is changing, the warm and fuzzy summer time memories start to fade away.

Below are some general instructions on closing or winterizing an above ground pool properly during winters:

Above Ground Pool Closing


Find all your winterizing materials.  This should comprise the cover, the air pillow, and the plugs for the skimmers, the winter plate and the winterizing chemicals.  You require these materials for suitable winterizing. Winter season is quite cool so the protective measures are actually required to protect the swimming pool also.


Back wash the filter thoroughly to make it dirt-free.   Drain DE filters tanks and allow backwash valve to be open.  On sand filters, disengage the filter drain plug and leave off. Place drain plug with other detached items in the pump basket. Do be sure that the multiport valve (if any) is devoid of water. Blow it out with a compressor or shop vac if necessary.  It will completely clean your pool and gives you a comfortable peace so that you can sit tension less at your home.


Return pipes and skimmer should be plugged.


Disengage your pump and filter.  Be sure that pump is completely emptied out of any water. Detach the drain plugs from the pump.  Use a shed or garage for storage. Using a shed is a great idea because it will completely protect the pool from getting the damaged done on it in the environment of rain. There are plenty of swimming pool construction companies who are just involved in building a pool, but they are not paying complete attention towards the right strategy to design a best and secure swimming pool etc.


If you are removing the skimmer box and installing a winter plate with gaskets, do make sure it is not leaking.  You can allow the water in the pool to go down to the bottom of the skimmer; this will remove the need to plug the hole.  This method will also work, but understand that the pool cover will lie lower in the pool – consequently you might want to use a cover that is one or two sizes bigger than your pool so extra material is available.


Install your air pillow by blowing it up.  Air pillows are typically used but they are not completely necessary.  In case the water in the pool freezes, expands, and breaks the pool wall, these come into effect. The pillow takes the brunt of it. If the pillow is not available, you can employ tires, tubes, balls, or other air filled floating objects.  Toss them into the pool to absorb up ice expansion. Tie the air pillow at a couple of places and station it at the centre of pool. Pack away all deck gear from the pool for e.g., ladders, rails, slides, etc. Also remove the other things which are not in use because there are so many people even who don’t pay complete attention towards the maintenance of the pools.



Insert chemicals. Blend any granular winterizing chemicals in a bucket so that they are completely dissolved. Pour the mixture into the pool. Pour any liquid winterizing materials also, in case you are using them.  Analysing the pool for PH and total alkalinity is necessary.  Regulate to normal levels using pH PLUS or MINUS and ALKALINITY PLUS.  PH should be between 7.3 – 7.7 and Alkalinity between 101-151 ppm. You should have chlorine level in the pool somewhat high (over 3.0 for wintertime). It has also been seen in the development of musical fountains, swimming pools and digital water curtains that the PH level is controlled or maintained by the right chemicals.  Musical fountain dealers work better in this process.


Put a cover on the pool and secure it. Be assured that cover cable wire is taut, so that cover does not fly off or drop in pool. Confirm that the pillow is in the middle of the pool post installation of cover.

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