How to Clean Your Car’s Engine Step by Step Guide

Easy to overlook and clean, engine often go neglected and most people don’t bother to clean them regularly. Driving is only done better when the car is clean and has good hygiene. However, it is a pity that most drivers only focus on cleaning the outer exterior of the car. The dirt under the hood of the car should equally be addressed as well in order for the vehicle to be properly maintained. Car engine parts are prone to get dust and grime on them which should be wiped out. The car will not only look better but it will drive perfectly as well. Engine is a crucial part of a car which deserves to be cleaned. Following are the simple steps mentioned which you should follow to clean your engine.

How to Clean Your Car's Engine Step by Step Guide

Step 1:  Pick a Day for The Task

Clear out your schedule to clean your engine. A warm day is usually recommended to carry out this work. Humidity should be low and low breeze is ideal as well. Warmer weather will assist in quickly drying up the engine and it’s parts after cleaning.

Step 2: Let it Cool Down

If your car has been running, then open the hood in order to cool down the engine before doing anything. Give the car at least 15 minutes to properly cool down. If you start working before it’s temperature gets lowered, the components of the engine will most probably burn you. Moreover, engine parts will get harmed through rapid contraction with the contact of water.

How to Clean Your Car's Engine Step by Step Guide

Step 3: Remove Some Components Before Cleaning

There are a few things which should be pulled out. First of all, the negative terminal of the battery should be removed so that the electrical parts do not get damaged and remain protected when they are touched with water. Secondly, take out the plastic covers as they can be cleaned separately. Some people take out the battery as well but it is a matter of preference as it is not an obligation.

Step 4: Cover The Components

Some sensitive electrical parts should be covered by plastic bags so that they won’t be harmed through contact with water. Ignition wires, battery, any open engine air intake and engine control unit should all be covered properly. However, if one feels confident that they will be extra careful during rinsing, they don’t have to cover any parts. But it is still a good precautionary measure which eliminates risks of damaging the machinery.

Step 5: Spray a Degreaser

This step is important before jumping into the actual task. The choice of degreaser can vary from a purpose-made engine degreaser to any kitchen one such as a kitchen cleaner. After selecting an appropriate degreaser, spray it thoroughly all over the engine compartment without missing a single spot.

How to Clean Your Car's Engine Step by Step Guide

Step 6: Scrub The Compartment

If your engine is not that dirty, there is no need to scrub. But there are some parts which may have accumulated dirt, grease or oil on them such as the valve cover. Scrubbing should be done with a small brush having synthetic bristles instead of metallic ones. You should use the degreaser along with the brush to properly remove the dirt.

Step 7: Rinse The Area

In order to wash away the degreaser, you can use any standard hose or a power washer at a low level. You can even use the sprayer at any local car-wash if you do not have resources at your place. While rinsing thoroughly over the compartment, make sure that you do not spray much on the parts which don’t dry easily. Moreover, refrain from spraying directly on electrical components.

Step 8: Dry The Engine Compartment

Now that the engine is cleaned, you should try to dry it as soon as possible. You can either choose to do it on your own by wiping with a rag or any towel or you can use any mechanical method such as blasting compressed air on the compartment surface and corners. These methods will remove all the water leaving your engine compartment dry like before. Moreover, any grease remaining will also be wiped clean.

Step 9: Replace The Removed Parts

After cleaning and drying up, it is time to reinstall all the parts which were removed from the compartment to clean the engine. Replace the negative terminal of the battery and the plastic covers. The plastic bags which were put on the sensitive electrical components during cleaning should be removed as well.

Step 10: Repeat This Method Regularly

Cleaning your engine once is never enough so try to make this cleaning your routine in order to maintain your car. Degreasing should be done at least once a year as well. Car care is of utmost importance. Love your car and your car will love you

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