How to Apply Eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow – Eyeshadow Tutorial Step By Step


How to Apply Eyeshadow

All women across the world irrespective to their age, complexion, or any other factor loves to look beautiful. Not everyone is blessed with attractive features in such casein order to enhance their look, they incline towards the Makeup. Applying makeup aids to mask a few flaws that hinder to give flawless look. When it comes to applying makeup, it includes lips, cheeks, eyes, and general facial features. It is said that the eye is the soul of a person,so eye makeup is significantly very important to enrich their inner beauty. Applying eye makeup makes eye expressive and grabs the crowd attention. Undoubtedly an eye makeup requires varied eye products such as Kajal, Eyeliner, eye pencil, eye shade, eye primer, and moisturizers. Applying all these products will keep you in advance but not everyone would be pioneer in applying eye shade.

No worries in this
article we will teach you regarding the application of product at the right stage
of the makeup. That brings a big difference to your

If you are a Makeup
pro, then definitely you would be knowing the significance of eye makeup.

Eyes are definitely one
most defining feature that will make a girl look gorgeous. Proper and broad eye
makeup involves usage of various products like eyebrow
pencil, eyeliner, Kohl, and eyeshadow. Applying
pencil and eyeliner does not obligatorily entail
guide but definitely, eye shadow requires
a guide to apply properly and subtly.

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Follow these simple steps to apply eye shadow

  1. Start with eye primers– An eye primer helps to create a smooth platform for eye makeup. Once the primer gets dried should apply base that eyeshadow to stick better on the skin. A concealer or foundation can be replaced if there is no eyeshadow base.
  2. Grab the essential eye makeup brushes-For eye makeup it requires small flat eyeshadow brush and a smudger for the application.  
  3. Run your brush over two colors-Eye shadow should be applied with two colors neutral and darker color. Glide your brush on the pallet for a lighter shade and spread it over your inner corner eyes. Tap off if any excess shadow on the eyes.
  4. Moist your brush to diminish the shade – Dip the brush and again glide on the inner most corner of the eyes to dampen the applied shade.  
  5. Apply light shadow to lid– Apply the shade across the complete lid towards up from lashes to above crease.
  6. Run the brush over darker color-Blend your brush over darker shadow towards the outer corner of eyes and make sure to smear any excess before applying.
  7. Apply dark shadow to crease- Create an outline start applying shadow to the outer corner of the eye above the top lashes. Then bend along with eyelid that eyebrow bone touches the crease.
  8. Repeat same for another eye– Follow the same steps from one to four mentioned above for another eye.

Applying eyeshadow is a tedious job to most of us, however a good practice would definitely give an add-on beauty. The mentioned steps above are not as simple as it looks. Although with continuous practice and following the above guide would help you to shine in the parties. If you are a one who use contact lenses to bring a difference, try to add different colors of lenses that match to the applied eye makeup. In order to volumes eyelashes can opt either fake eyelashes or can apply mascaras. You can also buy eye makeup products in the online shop which are genuine as they provide a wide variety of discounts.

just get pro in applying a makeup instead try adding quality eye products to
your basket and surprise everyone with your fabulous look.

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