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How Can We Operate Arlo Camera Through Arlo App Via Computer?

Operate Arlo Camera Through Arlo App Via Computer

List is countless when it comes to writing down the features Arlo camera which has made this device the best in the market as voted by a pool of happy customers worldwide. Arlo cameras are popularly known for their superb features and robust performance it delivers to its users. Not only the features but the ease of managing the camera and its setting has made this Arlo camera as the first choice for users. To manage and control the camera with ease, the company offers a highly rated mobile application called Arlo app. Arlo app allows the users to control the camera when the person is on travelling or somewhere outside. Arlo app has some interesting features which help you to keep a tab on everything when you are away from your place.

The arlo app allows you to receive alert directly from your camera and lets you watch live footages at the same time. Be it video monitoring, live video from DVR, two-way audio conversation, Arlo app has got it all covered. You can download it on both Android and IOS devices.To optimise user’s experience the manufacturer has provided an Arlo app for PC for peoples who want to access the features through a personal computer. The app works in the same manner as it works on smartphones.

This article is dedicated to help users who are looking to download the app in PC. Following the simple steps in the article below the user can easily manage the device via computer also.The process is easy and doesn’t require hardcore knowledge of networking.    

Features of Arlo App

Arlo app makes it easy for you to operate your camera with the tip of your fingers.  Below mentioned are some of its world-class features which makes it stand out of the crowd. Using it you can do the followings:-

  1. You can monitor videos with both audio and motion detection.
  2. Keep a check on the trespassers when away from the location.
  3. Play both audio and video at the same time.
  4. Features a premium grade camera.
  5. It keeps you connected with your place and ensures you a protected environment.
  6. It ensures you a user-friendly interface with all the important tabs on the home screen.
  7. Get hands-on Arlo smart features including person detection, en11 service, and others.

Users may encounter a lot of problems while they attempt to download Arlo app in their computer. Well, Arlo app is specially made to operate from smartphones but still, there are a few tricks which can be used to install Arlo app on PC. After installation the user can access and manage all the features which he can access via mobile app.Here, we have opened up such a method through which you can make your computer act like a smartphone.

Download Free Arlo Application on your computer

With the help of free Arlo application, you can get rid of those traditional cables and wires as it simplifies things on your screen only. Be it video monitoring, camera’s settings, everything will be easily accessible at the tip of your fingers. To avail these benefits, you will first require to register yourself and login to Arlo account and then you will be able to monitor the operation of your surveillance system. Follow the below mentioned steps thereafter and get Arlo app on your computer/PC.

  1. Download software called Bluestack on your device.
  2. Now, open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
  3. Once the installation gets completed, login to your Gmail account and set up it.
  4. Launch it and a search option will appear on your screen.
  5. Type ‘Arlo’ over there and hit ‘Enter’ button.
  6. The result will come out and the first appeared option will be Arlo app.
  7. Tap on it and an official game page will come on your screen.
  8. Click on ‘Install’ button.
  9. A pop up will come on your screen asking you permission to download it.
  10. Choose ‘Accept’ and close the window.

The app will be stored in the software now. There is a need to Launch the app and log in to monitor the surveillance system.The whole process of managing is very easy and rarely users have reported any king of issues regarding the configuration. The company has a vision to implement the concept of DIY (Do It Yourself) and has managed to achieve the same to an appreciable extent.

To know more details on how to download Arlo app in Bluestack, connect with our highly trained experts. Rarely the users will need this but our experts are at the disposal of customers round the clock to optimise user’s experience. The user can connect with our experts round the clock to get instant solution to all the queries.

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