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Diet Plan for Muscle Gain – healthy diet plans for Men & Women

Gaining muscle weight is something that is associated with the crucial diet plan. When we talk about a bodybuilding diet plan for bodybuilding, we mean a diet plan that provides your body with enough nutrition for a healthy muscle gain.  So, if you are planning to gain muscles in a quickest and effective way then you are in the right place. In this article, we will walk you through the overall insights about the best weight gain meal plan.

One of the major factors that help in gaining weight is the food that is high in proteins. Unlike for weight loss, Bodybuilding diet plan requires other supplements such as carbohydrates and other fats along with proteins. As these nutrients will facilitate your body work at its best. After all, a protein-rich diet is the primary aspect of bodybuilding.

What are the healthy diet plans for both Men and Women?

Speaking about diet, it is mandatory to specify, the Indian diet plan is way different compared to western diet plan. Unlike the rest of the world, the Indian diet is very much different in terms of food choices we make and eat.  At times it becomes difficult most of them to follow the proper diet plan that is available on the web. Also, another constraint is the budget. Therefore, it is important to plan a proper weight gain meal plan.

Here we have best picked both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet plan for healthy muscle meals to gain required nutrition that suits both men and women.


Egg Whites

Discussing muscle gain diet and not mentioning Eggs not done right!! By now most of them are aware of how eggs play a major impact on maintaining your body’s equilibrium. Eggs contain proteins and B vitamins that are significant for muscle gain.

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Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes

The best intake for those who truly aspire to gain muscles quickly. If you decide to go completely vegan then this is the right option for you. Along with the whey protein shake, you can also consume carb sources such as rice, potato, and chapatti to maintain the balance.

Fish/Chicken breast/Beef

Chicken Breasts

The multivitamins present in the meat like fish, chicken, and beef are packed with enormous proteins and macronutrients that deliver the building blocks for muscle protein synthesis.



Many experts predict that yogurt is an extraordinary supplement for gaining muscle as it contains protein factors such as whey protein and casein protein. Moreover, Greek yogurt is much more effective as normal yogurt as it contains double the amount of protein than the normal yogurt.

Dairy Products

dairy products

Milk, cottage cheese, curd, and other dairy product contains necessary fats, vitamins, and protein that completes your ideal weight gain meal plan. Another added advantage is a dairy product like milk contains both fast and slow digestion proteins and it is evident that people who consume milk regularly have gained muscle within a short period of time.

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Soy beans

soy beans

Iron, phosphorous play a key role in muscle gain diet and the ingredient soybean are enriched with them. Besides, soybean while helping for your weight gain will also aid young women suffering from blood loss due to menstruation.

Fruits and Vegetables

Many green leafy vegetables and fruits like banana, pineapple, kiwi, beans, spinach have very rich nutrient aspects that make your body healthier and stronger than ever before.

Balanced lifestyle

Last but never the least, the complete benefit all of the mentioned above can be achieved only through maintaining a stress-free life. In order to achieve this, you got to drink more and more water to keep you away from dehydration,  have proper sleep, and take less stress.


Bodybuilding and wrestling (Kushti) are the most favorite practices in India. Furthermore, Indian population follows both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet with nearly half of the population following the vegetarian diet. Ancient Indian practices of muscle gain diet provide answers to all the nutrition needs of bodybuilding needs of both men and women.  Apparently diet plans for men and women does not differ much.

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