Competition between the Tech Giants have Revolutionized the Smartphone Market

smartphone market

The Indian smartphone market is in an exciting phase. It has seen rivalries over the years. During feature phone days, it was between Samsung Vs Nokia.

In 2014, when Chinese smartphone companies made their way into the Indian market, it was between Samsung Vs Xiaomi. Xiaomi went on to win that battle and dethroned Samsung from being the top player, and itself became the most preferred brand.

Companies such as Vivo, Oppo and others were involved with each other in a price war to tame each other. The hype around Moonlight selfie camera in a Vivo phone and sponsorship of the Indian Premier League (IPL) also helped Vivo to find a niche. Vivo and Oppo were involved in a battle with each other rather than with Xiaomi.

What helped Xiaomi and other Chinese players revolutionize the market?

  • Tie-up with ‘Make in India’

Xiaomi tied up with the Indian Government’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ and set up assembling units in India. It helped the brand cut cost further and pass on the benefits to its customers in the form of lower-priced best camera phones under 10000. However, at very first Samsung took this appropriate step and joined the Make in India plan. Know that Samsung is a south korean company which comes from one of the best handset manufacturers across the globe after Apply.  But right now it’s the time for Xiaomi as it is launching back to back successful phone models at just affordable prices.

  • Offering more features at affordable prices

Xiaomi and other Chinese players went on to stir the Indian smartphone market by attracting hordes of users by offering them phones with advanced features. Such models were made available in India at jaw-dropping prices. The features they are launching back to back are really affordable. When you compare it with other brands you may have an easy idea about it.

  • Launching spree

By 2018 and 2019, it was the time for Chinese brands to further consolidate their standings in the Indian market. The launching of phones became a regular phenomenon. Users were able to get a device with advanced features like bigger display, long-lasting batteries, more cameras, faster processor and more in mobiles under 20000.

Earlier, it was Xiaomi and others Vs Samsung, and it is now Xiaomi Vs Realme that is further making the Indian smartphone market an exciting place.

Realme Vs Xiaomi in Smartphone Market

Xiaomi has been in India for close to 6 years and is now the market leader, and Realme had started its operations in India in 2018. Xiaomi has always adopted an aggressive plan concerning product launches and prices. Realme is chasing Xiaomi, and doing that hard.

Their competition has expanded beyond smartphones in India. Realme is planning to launch its Smart TVs and fitness brands to take on every product line of Xiaomi. Both Xiaomi and Realme are also getting ready to launch their Internet of Things (IoT) products in India in 2020.

Realme has also announced that they are launching their financial services in India to take on Xiaomi’s Credit Service. For premium users in India, both Xiaomi and Realme may not matter much. But their products are sure to cross your path and may force you to think if you should go for them as they offer plenty of features at lower prices.

As things stand today, Realme’s phones start at around Rs.6,000 and go up to Rs.35,000. On the other hand, the smartphone portfolio of Xiaomi begins in India at around Rs.4,300 and extends up to Rs.30,000.

On the other hand, if an online-only model is successful in India, the reason is only Xiaomi. The success of it’s launch of Mi3 is a great example. The strategy of Realme to chase and compete with Xiaomi on pricings and features has helped the brand get handsome results in India. It has done the unthinkable in just 2 years of its launch in India, which is remarkable. At the same time, the market share of Xiaomi fell from 31% to 26%.

Overall, the presence of tech giants has been great for the Indian smartphone market to make it super competitive. Overall, it has been the customers that have been able to buy quality products with exceptional features at throwaway prices.

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