Budget Airlines – Facilitating the Passengers with Low Budget

Deregulation of US airlines began in 1978, which resulted in the reduction of flight prices along with the creation of budgeted airlines. In the 1990s this revolution reached Europe, hence enabling people to arrange their travels in extremely low prices. The success of EasyJet and Ryanair airline is mainly due to their low cost fares for the passengers. The European budget airlines are about 30-50% cheaper as compared to the normal airline cost and sometime even costs less than 10 Euros. Isn’t that amazing? Well, thanks to Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) for their amazing rates!

Sometimes, it is very difficult to choose an airline for your travel, but all  of them are offering very interesting routes at low fares and they are facilitating those running with low budget are not able to purchase expensive flight tickets.

Check out the list of airlines that are offering low-cost fares when you are travelling within Europe.

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1. Norwegian Air

Budget Airlines - Facilitating the Passengers with Low Budget

It is a Norway-based carrier that was founded in 1993. It ranks at number three among the largest budgeted airlines in Europe.

Routes: 400

Destinations: 130 countries in North Africa, Thailand, US and Middle East.

Fleet: Constitute of new Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Travellers are provided with a low-cost calendar while reserving flights so that they can secure the best fares.

2. EasyJet

Budget Airlines - Facilitating the Passengers with Low Budget

EasyJet, among top budgeted UK airlines, was founded in 1995. It is based at London Luton Airport, hence offering a great alternative to British Airways and other European low cost airliens.

Routes: Abopve 800 routes both domestic and international

Destination: 31 countries

Fleet: Constitute more than 250 Airbus jets.

Average passengers: 75 million passengers in a year, among 20% of them are businessmen.

3. Ryanair

Budget Airlines - Facilitating the Passengers with Low Budget

This is an Ireland-based airline, introduced in 1985, having a turboprop jet that operates between Waterford and London Gatwick Airport.  One year after the start of its operations, it was approved as a competitor for Bristish Airways and Aer Lingus, from Dublin to London route.

Representing the true version of Dallas based Southwest Airlines have earned a lot of fame and trust among its customers due to their attractive packages. Average passengers: 100 million passengers every year

The flight rates have been set by keeping in mind of low budgeted passengers, charging ticket for everything included. i.e, from checked and carry-on bags to selecting seats.

4. Wizz Air

Budget Airlines - Facilitating the Passengers with Low Budget

Wizz Air was created in 2003, and then it launches its first flight after a year, i.e., 2004.

Routes: More than 500 routes

Fleet: Airbus A320 Jets, Airbus A321 Jets

As the flight costs are low, it mostly operates from small and secondary airport.

Average passengers: 20 million passengers annually

It was awarded “Value Airline of the Year”, in 2016 by Air Transport Magazine.

5. Flybe

Founded in 1985, initially, it was named ad Jersey European Airways. As a part of re-branding, in 2000, it was renamed as Flybe. It presents itself as one of the largest European regional airlines, covering about 232 routes and services in more than 15 counties. Different levels of service can be purchased in the flight like they can buy “All In” fares where they get free snacks, drinks, premium lounge access, free pre-booking of the seat and priority check-in.

6. AirBaltic

Budget Airlines - Facilitating the Passengers with Low Budget

AirBaltic is a Latvian based carrier. It was founded in 1991 and is primarily owned by Latvian state.

AirBaltic is a Latvian was founded in 1995 and it is in the primary ownership of Latvian state. It advertises itself as a hybrid of LCCs (Low-Cost Carriers) and legacy airlines, operating several destinations in Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and Russia. It is a small airline, having a fleet of about 25 jets and turboprops, facilitating about 3 million passengers every year.

7. Vueling

Budget Airlines - Facilitating the Passengers with Low Budget

It is  Barcelona-Spain based Low-Cost Carrier, which was founded in 2004, with its first flight to a holiday spot Ibiza. It is serving various destinations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. According to an estimate, it is serving more than 20 million passengers annually. It is owned by International Airline Groups, the same group that is owning British Airways, Aer Lingus, and Iberia.

Fleet: A319 Airbus, A320 jets, and A321 jets.

8. Pegasus Airline

Budget Airlines - Facilitating the Passengers with Low Budget

A Turkish Low-Cost Carrier, Pegasus Airline was founded in 1991.  As a result of a joint venture with Aer Lingus and its partners in 1990, it was initially introduced as a chartered carrier. It was acquired by a new company in 2005, and since then it has started domestic flights.

Fleet: Constitutes of 727s Boeing, A320s Airbus

For any pre-ordered food, baggage, seat selection and tickets that are amendable, Pegasus offers a single class of service and charges.

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