Best Beginner Crossfit Workouts at Home – Crossfit Exercises List


Just like some of us love reading books, or some of us love to travel, you may love to workout. Maybe, heading to the gym and lifting the weights, count as your favorite thing to do. We completely understand! Though you workout every day, you may fail to keep up to your schedule some time due to the hectic lifestyle. But that never counts as a no-workout day because we have got a list of the best crossfit workouts for you! These crossfit workouts are easy to do and can be done anywhere, especially at the home.

We understand that a gym and a home is different. But if you cannot make the gym, home, you can at least try to make a home, a gym. No matter where you are, you just require a walled-up space for about half-an-hour to one-hour only to do the exercise. Though the crossfit exercises list includes heavyweight lifting and a lot of equipment, you can do it at home too, without all these gym equipment. These exercises require some of the basic equipment at home. This content is going to be very useful for the ones who are looking for beginner crossfit workouts too because this list of workout will help you to take the decision whether you can carry on with these workouts, or not.


Duration: 10 minutes

This 10-minutes duration AMRAP workout is possibly among the best crossfit workouts at home. It includes three different sets of exercises which tends to work in the middle part of the body and strengthens the core muscles of the body.

● Burpee (10 reps)

● Weight Squats (20 reps)

● Sit-ups (30 reps)

2. Minute by Minute

Duration: 20 minutes

This workout teaches you the value of every single minute. In this case, the workout keeps on changing after every single minute. After finishing the whole round of workouts within the given minutes, you need to repeat the same for the remaining minutes.

● Burpee (10 reps) – 1-minute duration

● Barbell Step Ups (15 reps) – 1-minute duration

● Box Jump (15 reps) – 1-minute duration

● Ball-Pass Between Legs (20 reps) – 1-minute duration

After completing the 4-minute workout, as mentioned above, you need to go back to the first workout and keep repeating the same, until you complete the remaining 4 rounds (20 minutes).


Duration: 15 minutes

This round of AMRAP, unlike the previous one, has a more advanced set of crossfit workouts. In this 15-minutes duration, you need to focus on the fact that you take less amount of rest and workout more.

● Pull-ups (10 reps)

● Push-ups (10 reps)

● Pistol Squat (10 reps)

● Sit-up (10 reps)

● Box Jump ( 10 reps)

4. 5 Rounds at-a-time

Duration: 10 minutes

This five rounds of exercises are very fast and need to be done without any in-between rest time. However, if you are unable to complete these workouts within a duration of 10 minutes, then run hard for at least 200 meters to cover for it.

● Jack Feet (10 reps per leg)

● Hand-stand push-ups

● Mountain Climbers

5. Murph

Duration: 20 minutes

It is one of the staple body workouts which is possibly the best way to end your one-hour crossfit workout. No doubt that this particular workout is very hard but what's a strong body without it? This whole step of workouts can be done anywhere and at any possible time.

● Pull-ups (50 reps)

● Air Squats (30 reps)

● 1-mile run (2 times)

● Pushups (50 reps)

● Lunges (20 reps)

All ready to sweat your body out at your home now? You can no more come up with the excuse of a gym to skip a workout. Hope we made your fitness journey a bit easier. If so, do not forget to let us know in the comments.

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